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Regarding ADFLY / Other monetised links!


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First of all I'd like to make this clear :

None of our staff supports or uses these services or profit off of anything ! We are completely self funded and I pay out of my own pocket for the server that we are hosted on.

I did ask for donations but we haven't received anything. But I'm not crying .

I'm not trying to profit off of this. Kinda sad that people thought otherwise for actions that are not committed by the staff.

ADFLY links and other such links are now BANNED!

And for people who think we could host our website on a free host ... I'm afraid you're wrong.

We used up over 25gigs of bandwidth and any free host would have shut us down by now. Purely from server usage.

We're on a dedicated server. And I'm paying for it out of my hard earned money.. :(

Please guys .. understand. I dont want to profit from this website. If something is not posted by the staff , its not endorsed by us.

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