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Reducing game size by deleting language files and or movies- LIST


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Ok let's make this the thread were we gather information as to how to most efficiently reduce game sizes without breaking the game.

This is what i have gathered so far:

Just Sound files removed:

-Borderlands 2- I heard some people had succes with this game. I own it on my official vita. so no idea on details.

-Need for speed Most wanted -Space saved: 244MB ES and FR folders (spanish/french) - TESTED boots fine and plays fine as far as i can see

-Plants vs Zombies -Space saved: 12.1 MB de es fr it in data folder. - TESTED boots fine and plays as far as i can see

-Sonic All Star Racing -Space saved: 250 MB +- fra, ger, ita, spa pck files in sound folder, Not sure on multi.pck if safe to delete.. - TESTED boots fine and plays as far as i can see

-Streetfighter X tekken -Space saved: 76.6 MB - Archive folder All the folders except ENG AND CMN. I thought cmn was chinese manderin but it gave me a black screen i removed this so i put it back and game booted again. - TESTED boots fine and plays as far as i can see

-Tearaway -Space saved: 277 MB assets gamedata audio fr da de folders etc... - TESTED boots fine and plays as far as i can see

Video's removed:

-Ar nosurge plus ode to an unborn -Space saved: 240 MB Movie/Japanese folder. I dont see why only japanese folder is in there and no other language.. (also has an english one.)- TESTED boots fine and plays as far as i can see

-Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z -Space saved: 63 MB Opening movie Black screen with no file, with 0 byte file also black screen but i u press quickly start/ X then it will go to loading screen but then will be stuck....

-Rayman Origins -Space saved: 467 MB 6 video files in the root of data folder. - TESTED boots fine and plays as far as i can see

-Rayman Legends -Space saved: 62.4 MB 3 video files

-Lost Dimesion -Space saved: 217 MB 13 videofiles . 2 intro videofiles i will remove. other files seem story related so i wont remove those. Introfiles are 58.6 MB

-Oddworld Strangers Wrath -Space saved: 301 MB 14 video files data/movies.

-Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee -Space saved: 645 MB the bik files seem necessary connect to UI. Game would crash if no 0 byte file are created from legal opening_movie and ow_intro. To be sure create 0 byte of rest too of all MP4 files.

-PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD -Space saved: 70.4 MB 2 video files

-Project root -Space saved: 62.4 MB credits and intro - TESTED boots fine and plays as far as i can see

-Superbeat Xonic -Space saved: 431 MB Shit load on videos but the dump doesnt work so i cant test... if it causes problems

-One piece burning blood -Space saved: 1.41 GB HOLY SHITT I finished story so i cant or wont test if it gives problems but i can delete them now i think.

-Streetfighter X tekken -Space saved: 857 MB It has every charachters ending movie. I didnt delete it, but you could after u finish story? Instead i just delete the 35 MB intro. Press start/ X or O or whatever to Skip intro or else stuck @ whitescreen.

Sound/text And videos removed:

-Assasin creed Liberation -Space saved: 464 MB +- Just delete all the GER, FRE etc. files in the sound folder - TESTED boots fine and plays as far as i can see

EDIT: Found more, 6 MP4 language based files in video folder

-Injustice Gods among us Ultimate Edition -Space saved: 10 MB localisation ger esp fr etc. MOVIES are 413MB but im not sure if they are save to be removed, someone please confirm.

Failed Games that blackscreen when video removed or partly removed video unsure if it causes problems:

-Sonic All Star Racing When removing intro and logo no boot. I think it is more safe to delete credits. gameclear not so sure. Credits = 115 MB

-Duke nukem 3D - 5 MB of video files intro etc. black screen

-Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart movies folder 114 MB

Games with Huge archive files that can or cannot be opened to extract/delete possible files from?

-PCSB00332/PCSE00471/PCSE00673 Is there a way to open psarc files from the vita?

-PCSB00404/PCSE00423 Is there a way to open cpk files from the vita?

-PCSB00507 winrar can't open this pak file?

-PCSB00511 Is there a way to open wad files from the vita?

-PCSB00701 Single huge Voice pck file, can we open it to find other language?

-PCSE00277 Is there a way to open ipk files fromt he vita?

Someone told me get a hex editor and just delete the contents which is the same as creating a .txt file and renaming to whatever the files name is, and transfer it over via FTP.

I decided not to do this untill i run into a problem. What you do is up to you.

If you have found more suggestions experiments as what to is safe to delete please do tell!

Memory card space is precious with henkaku and vitamin.

I have noticed also that in alot of games there are .bik/ movies or Intro/Credits files etc.. Perhaps those could be deleted too in some games. but I have yet to experiment.

I have all these games installed on the same SD card so right now it saved me 2331.7 MB. :) if u try reploids tip of deleting manuals this added 1.09 GB adding in +- 3.43 Free GB!

Removing some of the movies might be trickier. since you dont necessarily know when these are loaded. Safest bet will be removing intro/credits id say. Just make backups on pc.

I will aim for to remove all non essential videos. If there are videos that are actually related to the game's story itself i will try to keep it in the game to retain the experience.

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I love this idea, and I need to try it out at some point, I have a 32 GB PSN SD card, and I want to fit all I can into it I know that's a bunch as it is, but you'd be surprised how much I've bought, and still enjoy enough to leave on my system lol I'm a ADHD Gamer can't stay to just a few games.

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About those movies you cannot remove, another possible way is to compress them using some app, I havent tested but it may work as long it has the same time lenght and is not a dummy (for those game you have say give black screen).

EDIT: Oh yeah removing the manual also reduce some space, Ie. XCOM has a 84 mb in manuals.

Disgaea 3 from 2.06 to 1.66


Manual: 70 mb (104 mb if you remove all manuals)

Sound: 379 mb (english) or 495 mb (japanese)

soundPackVoiceEN - soundPackVoiceJP

soundPackMsgEN - soundPackMsgEN

I've tested it (only keep one manual so that mean 70 mb less) and without English sound (379 mb) and work fine althoug only played a couple of the tutorials missions.

This may also work for Disgaea 4 since it has ENG and JAP sound folders.

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