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VPKs that that won't install (Error 0xFFFFFF99)


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I personally got this error at 99% of installing my own vpk that i dL'd from my psn list.

Backup the (non-working) VPK you dumped to your PC. Rename it from .VPK into .ZIP, and extract it to a folder.

Download SFOEditor, from here:

This is the hidden content, please

Download the param.sfo I took from a Minecraft here:

This is the hidden content, please

Open up SFOEditor, and load in the param.sfo I provided. Click the STITLE field and use the text box at the bottom to switch it to the name of the game you backed up; do the same for the TITLE field.

Click the TITLE_ID field, and type in the Game ID (this should be in the name of the VPK you dumped).

Click File->Save.

Head to the folder you extracted in step 1, and open up sce_sys. Delete the param.sfo it contains, and replace it with the param.sfo you saved in step 6.

Zip up the contents of the folder you extracted in step 1, and rename it from .ZIP into .VPK.

Finally, drag the VPK back to your Vita and install.

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