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[UPDATE] Guacamelee 1.04 LATEST [PCSE00033] [USA] [MAIDUMP] + [DLC]


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Hello friends

There is the UPDATE 1.04 (LATEST) for Guacamelee USA version
ID: PCSE00033
This is my own dump. The only one functional dump available on the web for Update 1.04

I dumped it with MaiDumpTool 233.2zEx

  • Copy the content con your PS VITA card (FTP or USB)
  • Move the content inside of "PCSE0003_patch" to "ux0:app/PCSE0003", accept replace
  • Go to MaiDump, to activate the DLC option, change to Mode 5.
  • Ready to play




This is the hidden content, please


And the DLC content, this is a dump that found on the Web, I don't know who is the dumper.
DLCs dumped with Vitamin2.0, but are compatible with my dump.


  • Costume Pack 1
  • Diablo's Domain


This is the hidden content, please

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