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Tenchu :Shadow Assassins Undub {TNW}

Super X

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@vergil2012 Do you remember at which points you've encountered the English audio clips?

Edit: Okay, just pulled out the one I've played from my stash and it's the undub by this Zairoud fellow (you can tell by the Japanese icon0 and "undub by zairoud" being plastered onto pic1). I honestly don't recall there being any English audio leftovers.

Although I haven't compared the contents, the undub posted here still has the original icon0 and pic1, which may indicate that it could have been made by a different person.

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@vergil2012 Alright, I'll check it out thoroughly then. Will attempt to make a proper undub if there's a need for that.

Edit: Okay, there's plenty of English leftovers alright. I'll dig in after I'll offload some other stuff, though this undub is not high on the list still, since I've already made a proper undub for the (vastly superior) Wii version.

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