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Complete PSVita HENkaku TUTORIAL


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HENkaku is the talk of the Vita community lately, and if you don't know what HENkaku is, their website describes the program as "the first ever homebrew/backup enabler for PS Vita and PSTV. It is like jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Android device." HENkaku is easy to use, but can be difficult to master if you're new to modding. If you have experience with modding a PSP, this will easier for you, as many of the same premises are used. This guide will help you each step of the way as you go about the installation process.

Firmware version 3.61 is out now, and if you update there is no way to use HENkaku and there is currently no way to downgrade your firmware. If you don't want to miss out on HENkaku, don't upgrade.

First check wich version you have installed on your PSVita or PSTV device, if its lower then 3.60 read the 1st step. If it's 3.60 go to step number 2.


Firmware lower than 3.60

1. Grab firmware from

This is the hidden content, please

2. Rename to PSP2UPDAT.PUP

3. Copy it to your PSV Updates folder

*Linux - /home//PSV\ Updates

*Windows - C:\Users\\PSV Updates

*Mac - /Users//PSV\ Updates

4. Next download this file and save it to the same folder

This is the hidden content, please

5. Now put your Vita into airplane mode, reboot, launch QCMA on the computer, and plug it in. Content Manager should be bouncing but ignore that. Go to Settings > System Update and select Update from PC. Make SURE it says 3.60 on the Vita.

The rest is pretty self explanatory. Hope this helps some people out there.

- Source

This is the hidden content, please

- This needs QCMA to work.

This is the hidden content, please

- PSTV has an official way via a USB drive

This is the hidden content, please


Kernel exploit HENkaku


- 4GB memory card or higher, internal memory does not work

- PlayStation Vita on firmware 3.60, no lower, no higher

- wifi

- a FTP client (FileZilla works best or if you have windows 10 you could just use the build in client)

- computer

- a brain


- dump your memory card's files to your PC via Sony's Content Manager or QCMA, do this to prevent accidental loss of your saves/games

- sign out of your PSN account while using homebrews/emulators, if you're signed into your account the homebrew/emulator will show up as your activity and your account may be banned


1. Make sure your Vita is running firmware 3.60

2. Open the Web Browser application and visit

This is the hidden content, please

3. Press the “Install” button

4. You will get a “Welcome to HENkaku” message. Press “OK”

5. Once the installation is complete, the browser will be closed automatically


Installing Homebrews

To begin, using your computer, find yourself a homebrew you wish to install. Most homebrews work the same, but some will work a little bit differently. To begin, download a homebrew on your PC, which will be a .vpk file.. Then on your Vita, open up the "molecular shell" bubble, and press "Select", this will begin a FTP connection. A IP will appear on the screen, which you will type into you FTP client under "Host". (Located at the top-left in FileZilla.) Once the connection is established, go to your Vita's "Ux0", the right-click and select "Create Directory" and name it "vpk". This is where you will be placing all of your vpk files so it stays nice and organised. Drag "(homebrew).vpk" into your "vpk" folder. Once done, press circle on your Vita to disconnect and then navigate to Ux0 in the "molecular shell" and locate your "vpk" folder. Once you've found it, open it up and inside should be your vpk file you placed there. Press "X" on it, then press it again to confirm the installation. Once it's done, close the "molecular shell" and your homebrew should be in a shiny new bubble on your main-screen. Certain homebrew require a little more to get them working, but we'll get into that later.

Installing Emulators

Installing native emulators is similar to installing homebrews, but is slightly different. Download the "vpk", and follow the instructions for installing it seen in the "Installing Native Homebrew" section. Once it's installed, you'll need to put some roms on your Vita so you have something to play on your emulator. Launch the FTP connection again, and navigate to "data", which is located inside "Ux0". Some emulators will automatically create their own section here, but some require you to make it youself. So if you were using a native GameBoy Advance emulator, you would create a folder inside "data" called "GBA" and inside that folder you'd make one called "roms", and this is where you'll put your roms. Once you have your roms placed, open up the bubble for the emulator and it should work fine.

Installing Backups

It's simple just place the vpk file into the "Ux0" folder using any FTP client. Then inside "molecular shell" you open "Ux0" folder and tap on the vpk file and install it.

Now you have exploited your PSVita, Enjoy!

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Cant get it to work.

I get an error C3-10698-4


lol So i had to change my region to "mx". How i was suposed to know that? I buy my ps vita in Costa Rica, i suposed it was an US version. Anyway, pronlem solved.

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