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Developer @aldostools (Aldo Vargas) has upped the popular plugin (for PS3 CFW) Please login or register to see this link. to version Please login or register to see this link. , following the Please login or register to see this link. 09. This update gives fans of the project alot of new functionality and improvements. The developer continues to elevate this plugin to new heights with each update and that trend certainly does not let up in this new update hot off the digital presses. Checkout the latest details provided by Aldo himself

Source: Please login or register to see this link.
Download Link: Please login or register to see this link.

Please login or register to see this link.

  • Added support for 4.81 DEX
  • Added support for the optional PKG Launcher
  • Added support for display of localized title in PARAM.SFO
  • Added check to prevent deletion of XMB icon of external games
  • netclient & rawseciso threads now keep working after unload webman
  • LaunchPad top icons now use localized strings
  • Fixed external game data not auto-enabled with [gd] tag on ntfs
  • Fixed nonCobra edition not using mM's IEXP0_470.BIN on 4.81
  • Fixed default file name used for ISO created by /copy.ps3/net0/***PS3***/ or /***DVD***/
  • Fixed video rec combo required another combo enabled
  • Updated "vanilla" editions with support for 4.81 CEX
  • Merged wm_url_launcher & PKG Launcher projects
  • Updated libntfs_ext.a in prepNTFS (same version as IRISMAN)
  • Updated latest FW version in prepNTFS (used to skip fix games
  • New settings file: /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_config.bin
    !!!!!!! webMAN settings must be configured again in /setup.ps3 !!!!!!!
  • PS3 Web browser now closes faster after mount from XMB
  • Added prevention of 'Auto power off' (only when USB polling is enabled)
  • Added SYSCON as option for fan controller
  • FTP port now can be defined in /setup.ps3 (default port: 21)
  • Added option to define ftp session timeout (0=no timeout)
  • Added APPEND command to ftp server

Changes in web commands

  • Added /swap.ps3 command
  • Added ?restart.ps3 parameter to install, copy, delete, rename
  • Added ?cover=<mode> parameter to /refresh.ps3 & /index.ps3
  • Added refresh launchpad only: /index.ps3?launchpad
  • /install.ps3?url= now deletes the pkg after install.
  • To keep the downloaded pkg use /install_ps3?url=

Improvements & fixes

  • Launchpad now use local icons (if they are available)
  • LaunchPad items now are listed sorted alphabetically
  • Changed /refresh.ps3 in LaunchPad to /index.ps3?launchpad
  • Language now defaults to English if the setting has a bad value
  • USB polling setting now don't need a restart if it's changed
  • Auto Power Off registry setting now is restored after reboot
  • Added check value range to fan settings when loaded
  • 'Slider' link now is visible only if the html file exists
  • Fixed auto-play disc too short wait
  • Fixed auto-play not working for all PSXISO
  • Fixed listing of net games if net game was mounted & server was disconnected
  • Fixed error 80010006 when hdd0/tmp/downloader doesn't exist
  • Fixed broken support for FlashFXP & LeapFTP
  • Added display of notifications of http request errors
  • Added check for invalid characters in file name copying to usb
  • Re-added DELETE_TURNOFF to /shutdown.ps3 & /restart.ps3
  • Current fan policy offsets will be applied on firmware >4.80
  • Improved scanning of icons
  • Improved sorting in game listing
  • Wait for download XML now supports a threshold size in the filename
  • Added /play.ps3, PLAY DISC & Auto-Play to Lite edition
  • Removed ONLINE COVERS from /setup.ps3 in English only
  • Removed show IDPS from Lite edition
  • Changed IEXP0_480.BIN to IEXP0_470.BIN in nonCobra edition
  • Added flag to compile for 4.80 CEX/DEX only (not used in release pkg)

Changes in other components:

  • Updater: now installs to hdd0 if the webMAN is disabled in Rebug. Also updates the .bak in flash.
  • Fixed prepNTFS not listed on webMAN.xml due bad PARAM.SFO
  • prepNTFS now unmounts current game (vsh hanged returning to XMB if a /net game was mounted)
  • Updated binaries of ps3netsrv for rasberry pi
  • Fixed a crash of ps3netsrv ocurred during scanning for content
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