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Spreading the word



The users are what makes a community.

We grew quite well for the limited hours that we've been online . But we need more active users.

What do you suggest is the best way to drive traffic so that people know we exist and we're a better option than reddit ? (due to a number of reasons)

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Building a website from the ground up takes a lot of time. I myself run a website and has taken me a lot of effort, time and work to make it what it is today. You need social groups (twitter, facebook) eventhough i barely use them but a lot of people do and it works. Having great content, great visual aspects and keeping it simple makes people visit the site daily. Being on top of releases and constantly making changes, either in the logo banners or wallpapers or even styles for the website is what people often look at. That way they know the site is well active in terms of changing to make the surfing more pleasant.

I wish you all the best with the website.

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In the time of Psphack scene, i were in a groupe named "PspGunz".

I think, in comparison of "Pspgunz", you must made a real site who is for the Vita, for exemple, create a section with tests of the community, news on the vita in general (games who cames on Vita for example), create a logo and a banner with this logo to the site to distinguish it, etc.

This is hard to explain in english all I want to say but Pspgunz is the best example as he had a big succes in my country.

Oh, and publish all the games for all region (EU, US and JPN) can contribute to the succes of this website, but it will take a long time.

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Quality content will make this the best Vita discussion board..

As per my observation, it only caters the 3.60 firmware users..

I think we need to add topics which will cater older firmware users who doesn't want to update yet.

Let's say we got the topics but then I don't see "For Dummies" threads.. What I mean is, not all Vita users in the market does know how to mod and sadly most of them are new users..

When I say "For Dummies" threads, it pertains to the quality of the instruction material.. So far I haven't seen a tutorial which includes screenshots or even videos (which is truly helpful in marketing the site if it is linked to a Youtube channel)

I am not new with forums, actually been a member of many but this site has so much potential...

I admire the design as well, it is a breath of fresh air.. Also, moderators are active and friendly.. Spoke with some and they are great :D

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