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IMPORTANT - Keep your console ID safe when modding.

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This guide if for windows users.


As you all may be aware, scammers are constantly trying to get CIDs from unsuspecting modders so they can sell it and make money. This affects you because if your CID is stolen, chances are it will get banned.


The most common way people steal them is adding the code into a modding tool.


There are a few ways you can keep your CID safe from these people. I will list a few ways people steal them and also also how you can stop it.


1. RTM tools. These are tools that you run on your PC (.exe file) and connect it to your PS3 using CCAPI or TMAPI. You then click boxes and type info in on your PC to modify the game.

There are often CID stealers in these tools if they come from an untrusted developer.

The best way to avoid this is: (On your PC) Open Control Panel and navigate to Firewall. Now open "Firewall with Advanced Settings". Then go on "Outbound Rules" and when you get the choice select "File" and navigate to the Exe of the RTM tool. Then click next and click "Block Connection"

2 Sprx tools. These are mods which are added to your PS3 system.

The best way to protect against this is to use this tool to check the file.

This is the hidden content, please

You can also protect yourself by avoiding untrusted uploaders :)


Stay safe everyone.

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