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NGR Uploaders Team Recruitment - NOW OPEN

Lord Valarion

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Hello NGR Community,

I am now focused on re-populating our NGR Uploaders Team. I've removed the previous "uploaders" that were migrated over from Vita Piracy with exceptions to the active ones that have contributed to NGR.

I would like to add at least 8 more uploaders to the current NGR uploading team.


The Requirements

  • MUST have read and will comply with the following NGR Uploading Rules HERE
  • MUST continue to be an "Active" Member on NGR and continue to contribute to the community (NOTE: Inactivity will risk you losing this title)


How to apply?

  • Just reply to this thread that you would like this role.


The Benefits of an NGR Uploader

  • Will be recognized as part NGR Staff Team and will be listed in our Staff Directory HERE
  • Will receive a Staff Award and Uploader Userbar
  • Will have a distinguished color username
  • Will have access to our "Area 51" :x




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