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Install Andrenaline and ARK-2 both on PS Vita

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Hi! To Install Adrenaline and ARK-2 on one game use this method:
Resources to Get:
Please login or register to see this link. (To install adrenaline)
Please login or register to see this link. (To install ARK-2)
Please login or register to see this link. [To install a PSP bubble if you don't have a game{recommended}, ARK fast also has PSP bubble installer (demo game), but that never worked for me ]
1-First install all of the above apps (obviously).
2-Open ePSP Bubble Installer and install an ePSP bubble the Vita will reboot, and a game bubble(International Snooker Demo) will be installed.

2017-03-07-151112.jpg 2017-03-07-151139.jpg
Note: If you have Adrenaline installed uninstall it first
2-Install Henkaku by either going to its website or by pressing install on the molecular shell app, let's get started and open easy installer to install adrenaline.

Press install adrenaline and select the base game(the bubble we installed earlier) wait some time until its finished.In my case, I had the 6.61 eboot on my PS Vita, so it didn't download it.

The Vita will reboot (install Henkaku).Now open the bubble of the game(its automatically renamed to Adrenaline for ease) and press install(X)if prompted.Boot into Adrenaline to check its working and exit it.To exit hold the ps button and press settings and select exit Psemu application.

 3-Open ARK fast and press install(X) to install it A prompt will open saying do you want to clone the game to install ARK press x it will clone the game and ask to install ARK-2
once its done, the Vita will reboot.2017-03-07-152302.jpg2017-03-07-152311.jpg
4-Install Henkaku to use those awesome apps!  Hooray now you have two bubbles with both ARK-2 and Adrenaline your Vita will look like this


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