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Most Japanese Switch games are Multilingual


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The Switch is region free if you don't knew.

Means you can buy games now from anywhere and play them on your EUR,US,JAP System without a problem.

Thanks Nintendo that you removed that stupid nonsense Region lock.


Well turns out even some of the Japanese Games have already all the languages included.

For example "I am Setsuna" has a cart release in Japan but not in the West.

And if you are like me who hates e-shop only stuff and wants to have awesome games like that on the shelf you are lucky.

Becasue "I am Setsuna" is playable in English,Japanese and French. 


How to check:


Head to 

This is the hidden content, please
, it consists of all the games that are released on jp eshop.

Click on any game that fancy you, and within its page look for 対応言語. There you will see which language the game supports. 日本語 = Japanese, 英語 = English.

This is the hidden content, please


Also Disgaea 5 is playable in English no reason to wait till May just order it from Japan and enjoy :)


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