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How to FTP games to your ps3 with at least 20mo/s of speed


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NOTE: this is not my actual tutorial credit goes to @iETH4N from ps3iso, the method is foolproof and i use it whenever i download a game.

what you need:

1.ps3 obviously

2.LAN cable

3.a pc



Q. What cable do I need to do this?
A. You need any Ethernet cable you have. Preferably a Cat5e delivers best speeds; check your cable - you probably already have a Cat5e cable.

Q. Do I plug one end of my Ethernet cable to my PS3 and the other end to my computer before starting this tutorial?
A. Yes. Do NOT start this tutorial until you do this.

Q. Do I need BlackBox to make this work?
A. No. MultiMan has FTP so you just need MultiMan (the latest version preferably) to FTP games.

Q. I did everything exactly as you said, and I get an error saying it cannot connect to server, what do I do?
A. You did not do everything exactly as I wrote. Check that FTP is enabled on MultiMan, then close FileZilla, reload MultiMan and re-open FileZilla and try to connect again - if all your settings are set correctly then this will fix your error.

Q. I have a problem connecting because I can't use that Logon type in FileZilla, what do I do?
A. In Filezilla, go to: Edit -> Settings -> Interface, on the right side under Behaviour, uncheck "Do not save passwords".
Edit -> Settings -> Interface, on the right side under Behaviour, uncheck "Do not save passwords". - Answer by: Judirek

Q. Will I really get 800 Megabytes per minute (0.78GB/min) with this method?
A. This is what I personally got (13.3MB/s = 798MB/min). You'll probably get close to this speed. Some users that followed my tut have reported speeds way higher than mine, so speeds will vary by user.

Q. How fast is FTP over wi-fi compare to FTP with direct Ethernet cable?
A. FTP over wi-fi is extemely slow, while FTP over direct Ethernet cable is very fast (up to 800MB/min).

Q. What is FTP?
A. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Its purpose is to transfer files. You can FTP via either wi-fi (extremely slow) or Ethernet cable (very fast).

Q. How do I copy games from my computer to my PS3's internal hard drive?
A. Use FTP. Just copy the games to the folder: dev_hdd0/GAMES and to copy from PS3 to computer then access this same folder.

Q. Once I finish the tutorial, where do I go and what do I do?
A. Access the following folder: dev_hdd0/GAMES. If you have copied any games to your PS3's internal then they will be there.

Q. I want to transfer games from my computer to my PS3, what is the folder directory?
A. PS3 ---- > dev_hdd0/GAMES

Q. There is a folder in my PS3 in: dev_hdd0 called game (lowercase), what does it have?
A. It has any PSN game you have installed as well as game data installed from other regular games.

Q. I have games that cannot be copied to my external HDD (formatted to FAT32). Why is this?
A. FAT32 cannot read files larger than 4GB.

Q. What do I do with my games that have 4GB+ files?
A. You have a couple options. The best full-proof option is to FTP the game to your PS3's internal HDD. The other option is to split the file, which I will not explain how to do because I do NOT condone doing it.

Q. I have a game with a .PSARC file 4GB+, what do I do?
A. Some games work after extracting the .PSARC file through special software but not all games are guaranteed to work after doing this. Some will work and others will NOT work. For example: the game Uncharted II has a very large .PSARC file - I extracted it and I finished the entire game without problems. But some will not work after extracting so I recommend doing FTP instead.

Q. How do I copy games from my external HDD to my PS3's internal HDD?
A. If your games are in the GAMES folder in your ext HDD then just run MultiMan and there hover over the game you want to copy, press Triangle, choose game settings, and choose Copy.

Q. Can I FTP games from my PS3's internal hard drive to an external hard drive?
A. Yes. Follow this tutorial to establish a direct connection between your PS3 and your computer. Then, connect your external hard drive (formatted to FAT32) to your computer and when you're ready to transfer games simply select your ext HDD as your destination (speed will be slower though than if transferring to your computer).

1.computer setup

windows 7/vista


1. Go to “Control Panel”. Under “Network and Internet” click “View network status and tasks” On the left side panel, click “Change adapter settings“.
2. Determine which device is the LAN port you will be using, right click on it and select “properties”.
3. Click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then “Properties“. Click “Use the following IP address:” and “Use the following DNS server and input the data on image:

windows xp


1. Go to the start menu and hover over “Connect to“. Select “Show all connections“.
2. Determine which device is the LAN port you will be using, right click on it and select “properties“.
3. Click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then “Properties”. Click “Use the following IP address:” and “Use the following DNS server addresses:” and input the data on image:

2.PS3 setup


1. Go to the settings tab on the XMB, then select “Network Settings” followed by “Internet Connection Settings“.
2. Push OK on the prompt and select “Custom“, “Wired Connection“, “Auto-Detect” then “Manual“.
3. Input the following data:

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Defualt Router
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

4. Select “Automatic“, “Do Not Use” and “Enable“. Push X to save the settings. Test connection to verify you can acquire an IP Address and it will succeed. Internet Connection will fail. Wait until done. Press circle and go to MultiMan.
5. Open MultiMAN. Locate Settings and click on System Information. It should tell you your IP Address is
6. In MultiMan under the Settings tab scroll down to FTP Service and choose Enable [No Timeout]. Leave MultiMan open as it is the program that will communicate with your computer to do transfers.

3.FTP program setup


1. Download winscp
2. Run the program on your pc and set transfer protocol to "FTP" then enter the following:
Host -
Port - 21
User - FTPD12345
Pass - whatever pass you'd like

NOTE: the original tutorial suggests the use of "filezilla" but that didn't work for me so i use this program.


I hope this will be useful for some of you,i find it really handy because there's no need for a hdd to transfer big games to my console,as i myself transfered gta 5 which is 17gb in like 15mn or less.



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