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to update to the latest cfw you'll need:

1.to download the one of your choice, for example  for the latest rebug cfw head over to Please login or register to see this link.

and grab the most recent one.

2.have a USB stick formated to fat32

3.create a folder inside the USB called "PS3" and inside this one another folder "UPDATE" the folders names must be in caps.

4.when you finish downloading the cfw rename it to "PS3UPDAT.PUP".

5.now in your ps3 go to "system update" then choose "update via storage media"

NOTE: disable any internet connection from ps3 and remove any game disc from the console, make sure no game is mounted also.


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3 hours ago, PSC said:

Rebug is the best choice ! (Habib's CFW are good too but anyway he work for Team Rebug too).

yeah it's the most stable and the toolbox makes it perfect, when i got my ps3 it was on ferrox a simplistic cfw but i jumped to rebug a few days later

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    • By VF2blaze
      UPDATE 1
      Sorry if i'm a bit late on the news, have been busy with college assignments.
      • Flow has released Enso 3.65 to the public after confirming no errors at all with beta testers.
      • Note that only Vitas at 3.60 can install this.
      • Be sure to update plugins for 3.65.
      • Dont worry 3.67 users, Flow says you'll be able to install a CFW at some point but only with Henkanku and not Enso.

      Read the ReadMe here for installation instructions and information on the hack, then click on the "release" tag/tab to get to the download page:
      Please login or register to see this link.

      Remember to update your plugins:
      Please login or register to see this link.
      Flow has been confirmed to have hacked the 3.67 FW via a kernal exploit.
      Please login or register to see this link.  
      Confirmation that 3.67 has already been hacked with taiHenkaku, though he said he wont release it until maybe the end of this or next year.

      He also states that the earliest release he can do is if he works on Enso hack for 3.65 however will still require you to be on 3.60 to install it and that porting Enso "will take some time".
      It seems that Flow is also waiting for the EoL for the Vita.

      Though we soon maybe able to finally play Vita games that require FW 3.61+ you should still NOT update your 3.60 Vita until we have a concrete way of hacking above the firmware.
      You can view/follow Flow's twitter to read more and be updated but please try not to disturb the guy since hes also busy with University: 
      Please login or register to see this link.
    • By kay_1050
      - Henkaku
      - Maidumptool 233.2zEX
      - FTP/QCMA
      - Has to finished main story with any difficulty to enable DLC
      - 1.2 update - can download Please login or register to see this link.
      - Extract
      - Transfer into vita in any method and put in ux0:/mai
      - Install update using maidumptool
      - set to load 5
      Credit to ness151 for 1.2 update
    • By sogekingu
      hi i have questions about the update from 3.60 to enso 3.65.
      I´m currently using 3.60(NO ENSO) and want to update but i´m confused regarding this Please login or register to see this link.
      That says that "this software is outdated, please use the Please login or register to see this link. " so...
      My questions are:
      1.- Do i use the metod described in this link or the "real enso installer"
      2.- If i use the "real enso installer" Do i need to install enso 3.60 first? or can i just install the enso.vpk without having enso 3.60?
      3.- What metod is the safest?
      Thank you.
      (again im just using normal henkaku with 3.60)
    • By kyu0911
      Dumped by yours truly. This is, by far, the latest patch/update for the JP version of Toukiden 2.
      Please login or register to see this link.
    • By WatarouKT
      Does any overclock plugins work on 3.65 henkaku, anyone tested ???????
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