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Broken Link/Non-Working Games Saturn


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As the site is growing its becoming ever so difficult for us mods to check every link to see if it works so we would greatly appreciate it if you either pm the Uploader or us or comment on this thread. Thanks :):lol:


Or use the report button to report dead links and they will be removed , Report button is above the post and looks like this


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Hi! I´ve already posted in the thread but it seems that this is the right place to do so. Dragon Force 2 freezes when you first go to the main map (not the character choose screen). I´m currently playing in a modded Saturn. Just in case someone can tell me if it has happened to them too.

Thank you!

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Hello, thanks for the cool uploads. The passwords on "Shining The Holy Ark" and "Panzer Dragoon" do not match. Would you please help?

EDIT: Somehow it worked on the 5th try. I must have made an Error. Excuse the trouble please.

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