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NGR Uploading rules and community etiquette.

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Uploading rules and community etiquette.


Composed by Yukiko, Maintained by NGR staff.

§1.) General

§1.1 Reports
Threads that aren't online anymore,are to be reported with use of the "Report post" button wm8Witt.png

You can also write a message to the Uploader and tell him that his upload is offline. Or post the link to the thread that is offline in the "Broken Link/Non-Working Games" thread that every Sub-Forum has.


§1.2 No begging for mirrors
You should not ask for mirros in a post only per pm direct to the Uploader. But if there aren't any other hosters you gotta live with that. It's a free upload after all nobody was paid for it to upload it.


§1.3 No "Thanks" posts in the game post
If you like the upload from someone and want to give them your thanks use the either the + or - reputation buttons in the lower right of every post.
They look like this H2d89qR.png

If the post has links hidden behind the hide tag: [hide.][/hide], upvoting the post will also reveal the links. For more about hide tags, check §2.6.


§1.4 Only links for posts on Nextgenroms.com are allowed
⦁    NO Referral-Links
⦁    NO Links to offers on different sites,boards etc.
⦁    NO Usenet,Torrent and P2P Links.

Do not post any links that have one or more of the above mentioned on the Forum or Chat.


§1.5 NO Linkstealing or ONLY Premium uploads
The upload you are posting has to be made by YOURSELF and not just stolen from another site and posted as yours. Offers with only a PREMIUM hoster are banned. You the Uploader have always to offer a Free-User Link or if you want to use a PREMIUM Hoster also upload it to a Free-User friendly site like Mega.nz,Gdrive etc (sites that offer full-speed with no account)
Also no sharing of links over other sites. If somebody has no time to register and look the link up himself than there is no reason to be here for you and them either. 


§1.6 No fake offers or pumping of files with dump files.
If a upload is fake or not working than there is no reason for it to be posted.
Also if a file is only 1GB big but you put files inside the .rar,.zip,.7z... with dump files to increase the size so a PREMIUM hoster is paying you out is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.


§1.7 Same releases are to be posted in one thread.
Means before you post a game you gotta use the search an look if there is a thread already with the same release. If that is the case than you have to post your upload in the same thread. Feel free also to re-upload a game but than post it in the same thread. If the Original Uploader doesn't with for it to be re-upload plz respect that. (Rule can be changed anytime)


§1.8 Placeholders are not allowed.
Only start a new post/thread when you have finished your upload.


§1.9 Per Thread only on post of the same Uploader
Means that if you made the post you can't post the same game or other games agian there. This rule does not apply to re-uploads,if your game is offline you are free to edit the start post with the new link/s. 
Also a Collection Thread is only allowed to be posted by a Uploader if you askd a Mod/Admin before.


§1.10 Virus alarm.

This rule only applies to PC Games,Apps,Programmes etc for the most part console don't need this. 
(Exception to be made)
If your upload is known to be shooting out false virus alarms plz provide a check of the file/s from virustotal.com
Also if somebody posts stuff like "But my trash windows defender said it's a virus" but virustotal.com says it' okay it is. And the comment is to be deleted by Mods/Admins.
Also if you really think something might have a virus plz scan it with virustotal.com and pm a Mod/Admin the resulte including the Offer/Thread/Post.


§1.11 Paid Mods,Links etc

No paid links,mods and other stuff is allowed.

Means if you want to post a link to a Download of some kind and you first need to buy it than thats absolute forbidden.

Makes the point of the site than pretty much usless if you need to buy stuff to download duh?

Same goes for Mods no PAID ones only free for everybody.


§1.12 No PORN

Well the Rule title already says it. 

Don't upload Porn of any kind. Videos,Clips,Movies etc all banned here.

Henatis movies are also banned same goes for +18 Doujinshis.

None +18 Doujinshis are more than welcome in the Magazines/Mangas/Comic books section.

H-Games or Uncut Patches are excluded from this rule. 


If you are unsure if the content is allowed at our site PM one of our Admins.


§2.) Posting an offer/thread

§2.1 If the post is about a Scenerelease than following details are to be posted:
⦁    the official Releasename
⦁    the offered languages
⦁    the NFO in a spoiler tag 
⦁    Filesize
⦁    Format (ISO,.exe..etc)


Following details desirable becasue they make the offer look nicer.
⦁    a Cover, Title picture of the Game/Movie/etc
⦁    a short review about the Game/Movie/etc (in a Spoiler tag please if it is long)


§2.2 If you offer a patched file like a "EBOOT" or so than please always give a information about where you got it from.


§2.3 Is a Scenerelease already posted but offline than please use the "Report" button or pm a Mod/Admin 
If it stays offline and not gonna be re-upload by the original Uploader than wait for it to be deleted than you can re-post it again.


§2.4 If you want to split your offers than the min size is 200MB. Can't be lower than that if the file is smaler than please upload is a 1 part.



If you upload something here to Nextgenroms.com

Then you are free to choose if you want a password on your files or not.

But if you choose to have a password than it should be made like this:

[email protected]



That's it no mentioning other sites in your password etc.

If a Admin/Mod sees that you are using a other sitesname in your password expect the thread to get deleted.


§2.6 It is recommended you hide your post.

You can hide your post by putting it between [hide.][/hide] (remove the dot). This is optional.
Hiding links help preserve them a bit longer, and prevent them from being detected by bots.


§2.7 ONLY FOR PC Scenerelease. The same Scenerelease has to be posted in the same thread. 
If you see that somebody has already uploaded a game from a scene than please post your upload in the same thread as a new post. 
Creating a NEW THREAD for the same scenerelease is forbidden and will end in a deleted thread and a warning.


§2.8 ONLY FOR PSVITA. Please always mark the dumping tool you used for the Game for example in the Thread title
Like this : 

【 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation】【MaiDumpTool 233.2zEx】 【US-TNW】

And not like this:
【 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation】【US-TNW】

§3.) Threadtitle

§3.1 The Threadtitle has to be posted always like this following the scheme:

Gamename - Scenegroupname

Playstation 2
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - (TNW if you want)
(extras like UNDUB or so)
Playstation 3
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - [341/355/4XXCFW/DEX]
(Firware always if there is a fix for a speical FW included)

Expcetion scenereleases
Gamename - Releasegroupe name  -BLES/BLUS/BLJM ID - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - [341/355/4XXCFW/DEX]

Example: Persona 5 - HR (Releasegroup name) - BLES/BLUS/BLJM ID- JAP- [341/355/4XXCFW] for Scenerelease
Example: Persona 5  - JAP - [341/355/4XXCFW] for ownrip
Playstation Portable
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC)
(Or Extras like UNDUB, PATCHED etc)
Playstation Vita
Gamename - Dumpingtool used MeiDumpTool/Vitamin - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - TNW(Tested and working) 
Nintendo 3DS
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) 
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - Releasegroupe name. if Scenerelease
Xbox 360
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - jTAG/RGH if only for these kind of consoles
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - Releasegroupe name. if Scenerelease
Nintendo Wii U
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - USB or Loadiine
Nintendo DS
Scenerelease number - Gamename- Region- Scenegroupe for Scenereleases
Example: "0022 - Super Mario 64 DS (E) (Wet 'N' Wild)"

Gamename - (MULTI/PAL/NTSC) - (only if extras like UNDUB etc)
Nintendo Wii
Gamename -  (MULTI/PAL/NTSC) - (TNW if you want)
Nintendo Gamecube
Gamename -  (MULTI/PAL/NTSC) - (TNW if you want)
Nintendo WiiWare and VC Wads
Gamename - (MULTI/PAL/NTSC) - TNW (needs to be tested)
Gamename - (MULTI/PAL/NTSC) - (extras like UNDUB etc)
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC)
Microsoft Original Xbox .aka Xbox Classic
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) TNW
Sega Saturn
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) 
Sega Dreamcast
Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) 
Other Consoles
if nothing special is listed use this scheme
Consolename - Gamename - (Multi/PAL/NTSC) - (if extras like Undub)


§3.) Game requests
Game requests are to be posted in the request section for the console/pc you are looking for.


§4.) Exceptions

§4.1 Sometimes it might be the right choice to deviate from the listed rules.
§4.2 It is at the discretion of the moderation whether an exception makes sense and is tolerated or not.
§4.3 In doubt private message a Mod/Admin if it is okay. Not that you put hard work into just to be deleted becasue of rule enforcement.


§5.) Consequences

§5.1 Threads/Offers/Posts that are made against the rules can be deleted or moved to the graveyard anytime.
§5.2 Those who do not follow these rules must be in fear of getting banned forever.

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