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NGR Forum Ranks

Lord Valarion

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Hello NGR community!

Please refer to the following to understand how Forum Ranks are assigned here at NGR.

Title Rank / Content needed to achieve that rank


New NGR User / 0

newborn.png.a32340a47413cc9ce393ee1b5a15 NGR N00bMuffin / 1

child.png.e539d46a514844535bb1dfc9704a52 NGR Junior Member / 10

58af70d4b96cf_chevron(13).png.3e1995e0c8 NGR Regular Member / 25

58af70b3f3963_chevron(12).png.413e4c0f7b NGR Active Member / 50

58af7095f2f04_chevron(11).png.1c54544cfb NGR Advanced Member / 100

58af7056614f1_chevron(10).png.7885149306 NGR Senior Member / 150

58af700e572c3_chevron(9).png.460e6cba97f NGR Power Member / 200

58af6fe0302a7_chevron(8).png.bda44bf67df NGR Super Member / 250

58af6f5c20adf_chevron(7).png.88802d732fc NGR Elite / 300

58af6e16189f2_chevron(4).png.672f87cf072 NGR Special Forces / 400

58af7e3fa3f27_chevron(18).png.120bf70399 NGR Commander / 500

heisenberg.png.8a86a19696765faad5cfa54e8 NGR Badass / 600

58af6ea13e15a_chevron(6).png.9ce63cbe1b0 NGR Hero / 700

58af6e8804ecf_chevron(5).png.beb7ba243fb NGR Royalty / 800

58af7f04156cc_chevron(19).png.4a110db11c NGR Warrior / 1000

chevron.png.899408c3e21e8d7f087d1448fb47Lord of NGR / 6000


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This is supposed to be closed you silly goose!

But i'm gonna use the opportunity to give my feedback on the ranks' arrangement.

How come "Hero" and "Royalty" come before "Warrior" and "Lord"? 

A Warrior is lesser than a Hero.

A Lord is lesser than a King (Royalty).

Plus the icons for Hero and Royalty are much cooler than the Warrior and Lord.


I say, make it like this:

58af7f04156cc_chevron(19).png.4a110db11c NGR Warrior / 700

bpzr15o.pngNGR Lord / 800

i6WPasT.pngNGR Hero / 1000

YlYFQu9.pngNGR Royalty / 6000


Note that "Lord of NGR" is now named "NGR Lord" to fit the format of the others

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