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Various tips for Privacy Freaks(like myself)


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Hello, people!

The point of this thread is to show you various tools you can use to keep $ony at bay(or at least try to) if you feel like you might get yourself banned for using homebrew and/or dumps.

The thread title may be a bit humorous, but you never know what the future holds so these things down below may or may not help.

First of all we have the History Deleter. What it does is delete error and game logs.

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Usage is as follows: Install, Open tool, you get a black screen and then you get kicked out of the tool, reboot and you're good to go.

Credits to KanadeEngel for development of the tool and the folks at sm for posting this on their forum.

Then we have a Molecular Shell disguiser. For those that are not using the method of transfering files from PC to vita via the QCMA trick(read S3phy's guide here:

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), you will be connected to wifi and maybe to PSN, so everybody will know you're using MolecularShell as it shows it in your user's status. That's a bit dangerous, if you ask me. TerraCadenceRedux from /r/vitapiracy came up with an idea of replacing the param.sfo file in order to spoof the PSN and reporting you playing a different game.

The link down below has premade MolecularShell vpks with various games spoofing it.

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As they might be older versions of MolecularShell, you can check the !param.sfo files folder in the mega.nz link for instructions on how to replace the param.sfo file for the currently installed version of molecularShell: Basically you go into ux0:app/MLCL0001/sce_sys/ and replace the param.sfo in the directory with one of the files provided in the mega.nz link. You can also try a param.sfo of an existing game on your vita, but I'm not sure it works.

Finally you can use AccountSwitcher for extra paranoical safety and make a dummy account for you to use while you're online, so the precious PSN acc where you dumped your 200$ won't get banned. Here's more info on AccountSwitcher:

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And some final words: If you'd like less links to external sites(or threads on this forum) and instead a localized wall of text with concrete steps for each tool, please let me know. Also, these are merely the tools I use and consider useful, so if you find anything else that you think is important, post it here and I'll update the original post.

Hazama, out.

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