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[How To] Fix C2-12828-1 (PS Vita Games & HENkaku)


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*My PS Vita is running on 3.60 with the latest HENkaku installed. So apparently since the first release of those dump vpk games on the internet, I grab some for my handheld device just to test them out. The annoying thing is, most of the save data and the trophies of the user who originally have the game is pre-loaded inside the vpk (Digital or Cart doesn't matter). So in short, when you open the game, it'll automatically loaded the previous data. Now that I have this molecularShell on my vita, I experiment a bit on it. Actually you can find the save data and trophies under (ur0:/user:/00:/"savedata/"&"trophy"). If you open the folder (i.e. savedata), you see a some "NPXS*****/" folders which I think consist of different save data from your apps and games inside you PS Vita. Same thing when you open the trophy folder, you'll see "conf/, data/ and db/". KEEP IN MIND: Don't ever or even try to delete or to modified those files inside the folder. Just saying this in advance. And yeah, funny how I modified those files inside the folders and you know what happen? it f***ed up the trophies I have and get this (C2-12828-1) error saying "The data is corrupt". It took me about 3 days before I figure it out how to fix that and also when re-installing HENkaku on your PS Vita device.


1.) If you receive this error from any of your game, be sure to sync your trophies online.

2.) Download CMA (Content Manager Assistant). Connect your device to your computer using the PS Vita cable. Go to PS Vita "Content Manage" then have a copy of your PS Vita game from your device to your computer.

3.) If you have a memory card (any Gb, then you're good to go).


1.) Follow first the "NOTES" above except number 3.

2.) REMOVE your memory card from your PS Vita.

3.) Turn-off/Power-off your PS Vita by holding for about 5 seconds the off button.

4.) Go to "SAFE MODE" (After turning-off your PS Vita, hold the POWER BUTTON, HOME BUTTON and R-BUTTON all together for about 5 seconds.)

5.) Once you're on the "SAFE MODE", select "Restore This System" then hit X.

6.) After that, your PS Vita will reboot and will restore the PS Vita from the very beginning.

7.) Finish the basic tutorial.

8.) Install again your memory card and once again, you need to reboot your PS Vita.

9.) After rebooting, set up your CMA and Content Manager on your PS Vita.

10,) Transfer the games your copy from your PS Vita to PC earlier back to your PS Vita. (NOTE: If you have some Cart games installed on your PS Vita and backup them from your PS Vita to PC, it is basically some save data so that you'll not going to start again from the very beginning.)

11.) Install molecularShell from Henkaku. (NOTE: You'll notice, you won't receive a C2-12828-1 error. Just continue installing it.)

12.) After that, grab and install some .vpk game on your PS Vita. Transfer them using FTP or QCMA Method.

13.) It'll work now 100%. ;)


*You'll need to install molecularShell from HENkaku website in order to play your backup or piracy vpk games (Oops :lol: ) every time you reboot or turn-off your PS Vita. (NOTE: HENkaku-offline will also work if you're on the travel and accidentally turn-off your PS Vita.)

*It'll will not automatically update to version 3.61 so you can freely installed again molecularShell from HENkaku website.


ME (xCon)



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Thank you for the tutorial, but doesn't restoring your vita updates it automatically to 3.61 ?

No. It'll not going to automatically update to version 3.61.

I done it a couple of times (Restoring my PS Vita) and it didn't automatically update :)

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