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What Movie(s) Have You Watched Recently?

Lord Valarion

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Anyone seen Fist Fight yet? it's got ice cube and Charlie day the guy from its always sunny in philadelphia. I also downloaded a cam version of the new Chips movie but haven't watched it yet. Dax Shepard is funny as hell tho and Michael Pena is good too.I mostly watch comedies about smoking weed n other funny shit lol idk if any of u guys smoke but I do haha I hope this site don't have to be kid friendly lol

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Seems like its a movie week for me xD

Boyka 4: Undisputed - A nice movie if you like the genere of martial arts movies. Enough to keep you entertain for the afternoon/night, a decent follow up from the last one but it could have been much better. I give it 3.5 of 5 champions belts but im fan of Boyka so im biased. 

Currently watching Shin Godzilla so far it doest look good.

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