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NGR Community Rules and Guidelines

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Community Rules and Guidelines

This topic is maintained by the staff of NGR and not ckv1212 exclusively.

Guidelines are just advisory , Its your choice not to follow them. If you repeatedly break guidelines you will eventually get a warning depending on what guideline you broke. Rules are mandatory , Please follow them.



R1.1 No spamming the board with the same topic or request. None of us like spam , let's keep our board clean :) (Posting a game that has already been posted is not spam. As long as its your own dump its fine.

R1.2 No doxxing , harassment , flaming.etc If you don't like someone just call it a day and move on. No fight is worth the trouble. Do not insult or verbally abuse other members regardless of the situation.

R1.3 No spam in signature. No advertising your / any other website or discord unless it offers something entirely unique to itself. (For eg, Another website or discord sharing vita dumps isn't really unique. If it's a website hosting your own original works then it's fine , And by that we mean homebrew)

R1.4 No AdfIy , Ouo.io .. Any random link that basically includes ads.

R1.5 Don't be immature. ( :doh: )

R1.6 OpenLoad is banned, Do not use Openload.



1. When posting a backup here , try to tag the title with region (for eg [uS]) and if you tested the dump please tag it with [TNW] . This makes it easier for users to sort through games that actually work.

2. Try and post cover art. People like pretty things. totally upto you to do so though :)

3. This board is not for piracy :lol::mrgreen: We do not want you to download games that you don't own. But we can't stop you from doing so ;)

4. Thank the person who actually uploaded/dumped the game if you are reposting the dump from elsewhere. People like to be appreciated for their efforts. Just pasting their username is enough

5. Requests go on the Requests section (Even DLC / Update requests should go to the game requests section.)


Infractions and Ban

You get 2 warnings after that it'll be a ban.

Breaking the guidelines won't get you in trouble. But breaking the rules would.

Generally we do not ban our members , But if you're someone who would act like an immature child or as if you are entitled to something , we don't want you here. If you're not that kind of person , then this community is for you :) !.

Everyone here posting dumps and sharing things were not paid for by anyone. So if you generally don't like what you're getting , then you should keep it to yourself or ask politely.



Feel free to support us via patreon. We currently pay everything out of pocket and it does cost us quite a bit to keep the lights on.




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