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Guide for Intermediate Users: Update to HENkaku R7 using the Offline Installer

Kanon Schreiber

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Team Molecule have finally pushed the R7 update for HENkaku which integrates

all the goods from taiHENKaku. No need for switchKaku or the unofficial taiHEN offlineInstaller.

The goal of this guide is to walk you through updating to the latest R7 HENkaku

and updating your R6 offlineInstaller to R7 as well. Hitting two birds with one stone.


• Run the R6 Offline Installer (via email)

• Launch the offlineInstaller bubble on your LiveArea

• Press X to Install, Wait for it

• Close it, once it is done

• Restart your PSV

• Run the R6 Offline Installer (via email)

• You will notice it will synchronize to go.henkaku.xyz updating to R7

• You will notice that there is something "different"

• Check Settings > System > System Info

(It should show some chinese characters with "3.60)(-7" )

Congratulations, you're now on HENkaku R7!

plus your OfflineInstaller have been updated to R7 as well :D

Side Note: I did not install the taiHEN BETA on my PS Vita nor have I installed switchkaku

or the temporary taiHEN offlineinstaller. I waited for the official integration.

What if I'm currently on taiHEN beta?

** Credits to Giancarlo Robeves

(from FB Group: HENkaku Philippines Support 3.60)

• Open offline installer, choose uninstall.

• Open email app, close when you're about to add an email.

• Reboot.

• Visit go . henkaku . xyz (without the spaces)

• Check system, 3.63.

• Open offline installer, install.

• Reboot.

• Run email to install the exploit.

• Check system, 3.63.

• HENkaku R7.


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*thanks to

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for reminding me to post this here as well.

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nice man ^__^ you should really do the "• Open offline installer, choose uninstall." for both a HENtaku upgrade and upgrading / switching from taiHEN just to make sure you dont have any overlaps / HENtaku isent trying to boot things it dosent need manly "future proofing" this guide just in case HENtaku decides to add or remove .suprx or what ever for the exploit

but yeah man keep up the good work im glade people are writing tutorials to help out the community i was going to do a how to get retro arch running crash cource but yeah just got to get all my shit together

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