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Guide for Intermediate Users: HENkaku Offline Installer

Kanon Schreiber

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A post re:

This is the hidden content, please
can be found under the Homebrew and Tools section thanks to
This is the hidden content, please

However, it only covers the basics and the link where to get it.

So I made a detailed guide just for you:


This homebrew allows users to install and run the HENkaku exploit without an internet connection.

Ideal use for those who travel a lot (i.e stuck in traffic lol ). It hacks the in-built email app of the PSV

to be used as a launcher.


You may download the official homebrew here:

This is the hidden content, please


• PSV on HENkaku mode

• VitaShell

• Common sense and some patience

• Familiarity with any File Transfer Process (see:)

This is the hidden content, please

This is the hidden content, please


• Download and transfer the Offline Installer .vpk into your ux0 on VItaShell

• Install the vpk

• Exit VitaShell then open the in-built Email app from the LiveArea first

(because if you opened the offline installer right away it will ask you to open the email app first

for it to create a 'stamp' on the email app's registry.)


• Open the Email app then simply close it.

• Launch offlineInstaller bubble


• Follow the instructions: press CROSS to install

(Do not delete the bubble after the exploit is installed. You should redo

the installation when you have internet access to ensure that you get the

latest version of HENkaku)


• Wait for it.


• Reboot your PS Vita

• Disable Wi-Fi

• Open Email app. If at some point it asks you to enable wifi, press "No".

*If you have wifi switched on, the message list will not load.

*If you have multiple email accounts, select "HENkaku Offline"

• Select "Inbox", then click on the first email


• Wait about 10-20 seconds. You might get a "Please wait" screen multiple times.

*You might also get an "An error has occurred" screen multiple times.

*Be PATIENT. I repeat, be PATIENT!

*If you get any of these, close the email app, reopen it and try again.

*If you get any of these more than five times in a row, reboot your Vita and try again.

• Once it loads successfully, you should see the same screen as with online installation (black screen with text and molecule logo)



• Launch offlineInstaller

• Press CIRCLE to uninstall

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Nice guide man also you might what to add that you can update the offline installer when a new revision of HENtaku comes out by

1. Launching the offlineInstaller bubble

2. the Press o to uninstall

3. quit the offlineInstaller and go back the the live screen wear all the bubbles are and uninstall MoleculeShell

4. reboot the vita

5. go to the web browser and and install the new revision of HENtaka at

This is the hidden content, please

6. one the install has completed go to the live screen wear all the bubbles and run the offlineInstaller

7. press x to install and you should be up and running with the new revision of HENtaku

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