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Guide for Intermediate Users: Install VPK dumps using MaiDumpTool

Kanon Schreiber

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VPK dumps consume twice the space which is quite a hassle for users

who has very minimal space to spare on their PSV memory cards.

This guide explains how to convert (extract) vpk dumps to be installed

using the MaiDumpTool


• Latest version of MaiDumpTool installed on your PSV

• 7zip program (archiver) installed on your PC

• Some common sense and patience


You'll see the file of the vpk dump in the example is as follows:

[Amnesia Memories [uS] [PCSE00647] [VT].vpk]

- Right click on the VPK file then select [7zip]


- Upon hovering or clicking on the option [7zip], a sub-menu will show

- Select the option [Extract to "Your..game..title..here"]


- 7zip will extract the contents of the VPK into a folder

in the same directory where your VPK file is.

- The extracted contents will be saved in a folder with same file name.

- You will need to rename this folder into the game's corresponding GAME ID.

How to Get the GAME ID? Check the tutorial I made for that:

This is the hidden content, please


- In the example above, the GAME ID for Amnesia Memories [uS] is PCSE00647

Once you have renamed the folder to it's respective GAME ID,

simply copy/transfer the file into the ux0/mai directory.

Install it like any other game dumped with the MaiDumpTool.


Forgot how to Install using MaiDumpTool?

I made a separate tutorial for that as well for you.

This is the hidden content, please

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