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Guide for Beginners: How to use VitaShell

Kanon Schreiber

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What is VitaShell

VitaShell is an alternative replacement of the PS Vita's LiveArea.

Featuring a file manager, package installer, built-in FTP and much more.


Vita Shell was Developed by TheFlow

You may download the latest released version on the developer's hub:

This is the hidden content, please

Understanding the Root Structure


app0 - Current Application running (usually Molecule)

gro0 - Game Card

grw0 - Writable space on Game Card (if supported)

os0 - Main operating system (Do not mess with this unless you want a brick)

pd0 - Welcome Park (also Preinstall part of the update)

sa0 - Fonts and handwriting

savedata0 - Save data

tm0 - Related to PSN access. Do not touch or share this

ud0 - Used for updates

ur0 - User data on the system (like ux0: but internal)

ux0 - User data on the Vita Memory Card

vd0 - System registry

vs0 - Part of the OS. Has system apps, usually labeled NPXSXXXXX

Info Overload? We will just focus on the uxo directory.


• Select the ux0 directory

This is where you could manage the files stored on your memory card


• Start Button - Version Info, Credits etc


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