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Is there any way to recover a save with no cartridge inserted?

Sparky 99


I've lost my project DIVA F2nd cartridge months ago and I want to recover all my save data... But how can I do It without the cartridge inserted? I trided to do it via Vita Save Manager, but no luck. It needs the game card inserted!! :doh: As I know, save data is stored inside my memory card, but how can I recover it?

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You could try installing a dump of the game (although it sounds really risky because it might accidentally delete/overwrite your saves).

You could also try moving the folders specific for that game in your memory card to your PC. As long as you know the apps "id code" (the string of letters and numbers assigned to a particular app. For example the Paint Park app id code is "PCSA00111". If someone's dumped the game then chances are they have the id code listed on their page) then you should be able to find folders with that name in ux0:app, ux0:appmeta and ux0:user/00/savedata (you might also want to copy the ux0:user/00/savedata_backup folder just in case) and copy them to your PC. Chances are that you only really need ux0:user/00/savedata, but better safe then sorry.

As a note, I cannot guarantee that this'll work or that you won't lose your save data as I have not tried it. These are just ideas I made in the spot, so proceed with caution.

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