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Hello VP Family !!!!


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I'm Roxas, from Organization XIII and... okay, not. LOL, a friend of mine told me to come here if i wanted to download games for my Vita, i bought it when he told me that it could be hacked. I love the Vita, i mean, it's a beautiful console, too bad it wasn't too popular because of its expensive memory (i own an 8 GB memory because i couldn't afford for 16 GB or higher :cry: ) I'm in love with my Vita 2000, i hope i can make some friends here ! i want to thank everyone who uploaded the games for the hard work and also the testers ! you da real MVP ! Cheers !!!

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yw . wouldn't it be a great idea to invest in a 64gb now since piracy is available on the vita? its $80 at playasia.com . i bought mine twice because i lost the 1st one. its not that expensive when you think about. and welcome aboard :P

It's not a bad idea but the problem is that i'm from Venezuela, and dollars here are well... impossible to get xD. So yeah, that's why i got the 8GB memory :( and thanks for the welcoming !

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