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PSN Spoofing no more on Henkaku


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There are still ways to get a PSP game (not sure on Demos... I used my Singapore account for Henkaku and there were no Demos on the store, so I just grabbed the smallest, cheapest game available.)

I used to use the QCMA and PS3 method when I was running TN-V a while back and it worked very well for installing both PSV and PSP games from the store without updating.... with Henkaku and Maidump/Vitamin... I see no need to have PSN access aside from playing multiplayer online, which if I really want to do, I can buy the game and play on my unmodded PSV. The PSTV will be forever modded haha.

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Isn't there any other way to bypass the update and enter the store?

I remember before this henkaku version we had the vita update blocker, is that busted as well?

Doesn't matter if the update is blocked. They changed things so that if you are below newer firmware, u cannot get online. This isn't able to be bypassed my a spoof or any other simplistic means. If u are familiar with what happened in the psp days, this is just par for the course. IF online access becomes a thing again, it's gonna take a good while if what happened with psp is any indication.

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hi! i want to install adrenaline on my vita but i don't know how! i have see the pkg installer metod but the bubble of that didnt show on home and i cant install an F**kin psp game! who know if there is an possibility to play psp games on our vita 3.60henkaku?

best regard!

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