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Ape Escape: Saru Get Chu! P! (v2)


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[glow=red]APE ESCAPE SARU SARU !![/glow]

This is the last real Ape Escape made and its very fun and difficult to beat

The original iso was over 700mb, so I just used Y.A.C.C. to bring it down to 364mb w/o losing anything

*[highlight=yellow]Note:[/highlight] This game is completely in japanese so 'X' is 'O' (if youre a reaL ape escape fan you shouldn't need the tutorials anyway)

ENJOYYY :D:banana-dance::banana-linedance:

[glow=red]THIS IS A FIXED LINK WITH THE CORRECT GAME[/glow] thx to MonkeyDKid for commenting

This is the hidden content, please


[attachment=1]maxresdefault (1).jpg[/attachment]


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Fixed formatting, please read my comment abort it.
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wrong cover, it's the first ape escape portable version

DAM IT!! UR RITE! i knew something was up because i had this game before and i was just a little confused loL. im switching the link to the correct game now... woW sry about that guys. this games smaller than the 1st one too

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  • MobCat changed the title to Ape Escape: Saru Get Chu! P! (v2)

@BxThorne So I'm going through old NGR and ported VitaPiracy posts checking up on there links and fixing some minor formatting errors to help preserve said links and I found this piece of art/history

I did the absolute minimum to fix the post but to keep it as original to form as I could :KannaWave:
I approve of this art :AquaThumb: for some reason normally this sorta thing bugs me :aqualul:

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