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VPKs can be downloaded from the browser directly!


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Since I made the post, I'll juts copy it here:

I know most of you could've probably guessed this, but I think it could be utilized in the process of downloading dumps. Much like the QCMA transfer method, by renaming the VPK to an .mp4 extension, you can download any VPK directly through the web browser and will be placed into ux0:/videos. Using VitaShell, you can then navigate to the folder, and find the VPK (will have the same name as when you downloaded it), rename it without the .mp4 extension and then proceed to install.

This cannot work on MEGA link sadly (due to Browser checks on MEGA's side), but will work on all Google Drive links if they are uploaded as MP4 format.

I believe that if the community starts doing this, downloads could then be done on the vita alone without FTP, and can be done the same way and just renamed.

TL;DR: VPKs as .MP4s can be downloaded through Vita Browser, Start uploading them as .MP4s (But sadly not on MEGA) and you won't need to use FTP. Installation same way as qCMA method.

Hope you guys will think about using it! :)


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You could add you can directly download VPK in your PS Vita Web Browser from your Local Web Server. I would recommand the easy-to-use XAMPP from

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, launch Apache and put your VPK as MP4 (or MP3 which works as well) in your xampp/htdocs folder.

Here you can delete everything or backup the whole content as zip then delete the content of the folder if you wish, otherwise it will show up XAMPP dashboard. If you only delete index.php, you will be able to browse from PS Vita.

After that, open up your Web Browser on your Vita, go to your PC local address (mine is

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You're done.

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