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Senran Kagura Estival Versus 83 dlc for US version


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First off before I explain how this will work, I take no credit in any of these methods, I just found the method in a post and i will post the links to those and where to find it.

first I found this thread

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a post in the 2nd page on the top by MPT posts the google drive with the 83 dlcs and the EU versions of the update and game

I will post it here for convenience:

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now the sweet part about this, the dlc in that link is for the US version, not EU with the exception of 4 dlc in there which is the free dlc psn already offers, i suppose you can dl it from psn since its free or you can dl it from here:

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whichever is more convenient for you. now when you get those free dlc, if you care for them, just replace them with the ones in the 83 dlc pack. also note that the dlc folder will have the title id as the EU version, simply just rename it with the US version: provided for free here lols: PCSE00787

now getting the game and the update is easy as there are several sources here where you can find them on vita piracy.

now here is what i did. that dlc folder you renamed, type it out as PCSE00787_addc and then do with it the same method you used to install the game and patch, the maidump method of course.

for reference go here:

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once you do that and you install the dlc

this is the part i found out. I found this from a post from psvitaiso, this part goes to the person who posted it aos10

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just to head up,you must set the game to run on mode number 5 in the new maidump tool to make the DLC work from "Switch game loading" menu option.

after you do all that, then just run the game and the dlc will be available, all of it or most of it probably.

Enjoy guys. once again i take no credit, credit belongs to those 2 and more than likely others as well that i have not mentioned

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