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Gommy Medieval Defender (MSX)


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In the medieval age, wars used to be a routine and in Gommyland castle, everything was ready for the enemy invasion. The kingdom was at stake, and at dawn the enemy armies stood in front of the wall. Gommy took his armor and got ready to defend the place together with his mates... but everything wasn't so easy: his superiors, the king, vassals, servants and soldiers had disappeared. 

He looked everywhere for them but the battle was about to start. What to do? Finally, he decided to start the battle and beat everyone who dared to climb the high and imposing walls of the castle. Will you help him in his mission?


Your mission is to repel the enemy attack dropping objects from the top of the wall. First you must take an object from one of the sides of the screen, aim and drop.

Whatever happens, try at all cost not to let any enemy soldier reach the top of the wall, and don't let any sharp object hit Gommy.



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