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Freeshop 3ds



FreeShop 3ds

I have to say this is a must have 3ds app, this basically creates tickets for games to download its like a E-shop clone on the 3ds.

I recommend this to be run on emuNAND and latest firmware since some games require the latest firmware to run, make sure you download the right games for your region the 3DS is still region locked unlike the psvita.

< could not post a link since it just lead to a error i recommend googling Freeshop 3ds >

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Agreed. Freeshop IS pretty cool! I recommend a9lh/luma cfw over having an emunand any day. There really is no reason not to go with a9lh at this point.

Also, freeshop does not create the tickets. It downloads the tickets from a site that you specify.

On most cfw, region lock is no longer an issue. So most ppl with cfw can play any game they want.

Freeshop can be installed manually, or by scanning the qr code from within fbi.

Here's a link to the github:


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