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[RELEASE] Application Storage Manager - Applications on ur0:


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  • " [align=center]Application Storage Manager[/align]
    A little app that allows you to move applications from your memory card (ux0:app/) to your internal sorage (ur0:app/) (and vice-versa).
    It basically does the following:
    - Copy the files from ux0:/app/ to ur0:/app/
    - Modify the app.db to point the bubble at the new location
    - Delete the old files if everything went correctly
    As of now it just uses the debug text as a menu because I wanted to have it done relatively quickly, but I'll add a proper GUI when I have the time.
    Keep in mind that this hasn't been 100% tested and some apps MIGHT not work when moved to the internal storage. I've only tested it with homebrews and not with games. I take no responsibility for any harm this might do to your console.
    How to use
    - Use DPAD UP and DPAD DOWN to change the selected option
    - Use X or O to confirm (depending on your console region)
    - Use O or X to cancel (depending on your console region)
    It's an unsafe homebrew because it needs access to the whole filesystem (ux0:app/, ur0:app/, ur0:shell/db/). The source is also linked below, so you may build from source if you want."

Links for the download and Github page can also be found on said

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. If you're wondering why I don't just post the direct download, it's per Lupo511's request.

As usual, feel free to give the dev a shout out or a thanks if you like his work.

Also, you need to manually create the app folder in ur0 for now. Lupo511 has said that he'll fix this in the future.

If you're wondering about what the heck ur0 is, you can find some more details

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on my short post.

Lastly, it looks as if a lot of games are not compatible with this (at least right now). Apparently this is because some games reference the directory it's located in to look for games saves and even some data, but it doesn't find them in ur0. Fairly sure this can be fixed in the future, but for now you have been warned.

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