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Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 - Wanderers Fix (v1.0) (hack/fix) [chd]

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When Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 released in America, the localization team made one big mistake. They converted all the Credits from Japanese Yen to American Dollars by dividing the value by 100. You start with 40,000 credits instead of 4,000,000 million credits and so on.

However while making that change work they never changed the requirement for two wanderers. One of them (Exotic Butterfly)was left at 20 million credits (more credits then you’ll earn in an entire run of the game), and the other (Whirlwind Fanfare) was left at 100 million credits (more credits than you can ever earn as there’s a cap on your credits at 99,999,999. These are the same values as they are in the Japanese release.

This means that Exotic Butterfly is hard to reach, and Whirlwind Fanfare is impossible to release. The final boss is only accessible by beating all the other racers including these two wanderers which makes it impossible to beat the game.

This changes that. Both Wanderers’s requirements is divided by approximately 100. (The math is a touch complicated, but it’s mathematically close to 100) which means the game is now completable with out cheat codes for the first time ever. There is an upper limit to these Wanderers range that they appear at, but carrying 20 million will still activate both Wanderers.

It’s been 20 years, and now Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 is finally complete.

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Thanks for this! The funniest thing is that I couldn't find a CHD version of the game at all, somehow most archives of compressed games lack it, and I found your patched version before vanilla one. Nice!

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