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Amishion Impossible [RC4 + CD32 iso]


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An entry into the itch.io 2018 Seven Day First Person Shooter Jam, coded entirely between the 20th and 27th of October.

Adapted from the Unity Web that was in the 2014 7FPS Jam, it was recoded and  reimagined from the ground up for the Amiga platform. While my engine is deliberately limited without walls or ground texture, We've done so in order for it to be enjoyed at full framerate on a stock CD32, A1200 or A4000.

The "Story"
By the year 2004, the Y2K Wars have been waged for four years. The appliances reign supreme, and only those that were wise enough to shun them remain free.

As a humble Amish living on your farm on the outskirts of Philadelphia, you've managed to remain out of the war. But the machines remain restless, and now they've set their eyes on your land.

You're not going to go down without a fight!

Any AGA Amiga should run this fine. It is very chipram heavy, so you may need to play in No-Startup-Sequence mode.

1 Button Joystick:
Walk Forward/Backward - Joystick
Turn Left/Right       - Joystick (Fire button depressed)
Strafe Left/Right     - Joystick (Fire button pressed)
Attack                - Joystick Fire Button

2 Button Joypad:
Walk Forward/Backward - DPad
Turn Left/Right       - DPad (Fire Button 2 depressed)
Strafe Left/Right     - DPad (Fire Button 2 pressed)
Attack                - Fire Button 1

CD32 Pad:
Walk Forward/Backward - DPad
Turn Left/Right       - DPad
Strafe Left/Right     - Reverse/Forward
Attack                - Red

Walk Forward/Backward - Cursor Key Up/Down OR W/S
Turn Left/Right       - Cursor Key Left/Right 
Strafe Left/Right     - Z/X OR A/D
Attack                - Space OR Right Shift OR Right Alt

More info

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