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Cave Raider (Atari 2600)


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Cave Raider is a platform adventure game, a sequel to Cave In game. It features over 60 unique rooms to explore, over 120 treasures to collect, and some secrets to discover.

Another cave to explore! This time, you’re on a mission for fame, fortune, and untold riches. You’ve heard rumors that this ancient cave has over 100 treasures ripe for the taking, but it’s a dangerous path that must be taken in order to find them all. An ancient map has charted about half of the cave, and previous explorers have named the rooms, but none have tried to escape with the treasures. There are falling rocks, bats, traps, dangerous platforms, and numerous obstacles in your way. Are you up for the challenge?


  • You start the game with five lives.
  • You drop in at the entrance to the cave, ready to start your adventure. Use the joystick to navigate the cave, press the fire button to jump to new platforms, and push down on the joystick to duck under obstacles.
  • Some platforms might appear to be unreachable, however if you jump up to the side you may grab on and pull yourself up. Be careful not to fall below the bottom cave platforms, as it will result in death. Fall distance is not important, as long as you land on a platform you will be safe. 
  • Some platforms disappear and reappear, time your jumps! 
  • Some treasures are placed in a way that requires backtracking to previous rooms, or creative methods of falling or jumping between platforms to get them. 
  • If you travel far enough you will come across the exit to the cave. In order to exit you will have to find the key to the locked gate that blocks the entrance. You can exit the cave once you've found the key, but leaving early without finding all the treasure will result in a lower rank.

Enemies and Obstacles

Enemies and obstacles in this game will follow predictable paths. Pay attention to the movement patterns to safely get past them. 

Water:  Falling in the water is deadly in almost every part of the map. There are a few places where it might be ok. 😊

Falling Rocks:  Some rooms have rocks that will fall from the ceiling.

Moving boulders and barriers:  There are different types of blockades, some smaller blockades move back and forth and other larger blockades cover a perimeter of the screen. Both have the same effect – they will push your player to the right whether on a platform or in the air.

Bats & Spiders:  You will lose a life if a bat comes into contact with you.

Poison Arrows:  You will lose a life if an arrow comes into contact with you.

Spikes and Falling Spikes: You will lose a life if you come into contact with spikes.

Items and Powerups

Lantern.  Some hidden areas of the cave are dark and difficult to navigate. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across the lantern which will light up darkened rooms without the need for your flashlight. Your basic flashlight only shows a short distance around you, the lantern shows all! The lantern will appear after you’ve picked up 18 treasures, and will appear in the same place in the game every time.

First Aid Packs:  There are six possible first aid packs that will appear in one of the caves at certain points in your adventure. Picking one up will grant you an extra life.

Treasures:  The reason you’re in the cave! Collect treasures by jumping in to them.

Key:  You will have to search long and hard for the key to exit the cave. It will unlock the exit gate.

The Gold Chalice:  The chalice is broken into two pieces and hidden in the caves.


There are 62 rooms in the cave and 124 treasures in the game, and you will score 150 points for each one you pick up. Each piece of the golden chalice is worth 1,000 points. At the end of the game, after exiting the cave, you are ranked based on the number of treasures you collected. Can you achieve the rank of Grand Master and complete a perfect game, collecting all 124 treasures and both pieces of the chalice? 

Rankings are based on the number of treasures collected and whether or not you have recovered the chalice: Novice, Scout, Hero, Master, and Grand Master.

Ending the Game

The game ends when you exit the cave in the “escape route” exit room. If you have the key, walk into the middle of the cave exit door and you will automatically exit the cave. The only requirement for exiting the cave is finding the key to the cave gate. Once you’ve found the key you can exit the cave and end the game at any time and receive your ranking. Once you’ve exited you cannot return and your game is over.

For the true adventurer, you’ll want to continue to explore the caves until you’ve recovered all of the lost treasure and both pieces of the ancient golden chalice. Only then will you achieve the coveted rank of Grand Master.

High Score Saving

Your high score will be written to the AtariVox or the Save Key automatically.  When the game first loads, it will scan and detect if you have a Save Key plugged in, and give you the opportunity to clear the high score if you so choose (Hold the joystick down when you see the message).




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