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Genesis Shmup Collection 4

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Genesis SHMUP Collection 04
Gain Ground Hi-Score SRAM (v1.0 dtd 30 March 2023)
Truxton/Tatsujin - Enhanced Graphics & Sound (v2.0 dtd 18 Jun 2023)    
Fire Mustang color hack (v1.0 dtd 20 Dec 2023)
Hellfire MD2 Music Fix (v1.0 dtd 21 Oct 2022)
Lightening Force to Thunder Force IV (vFinal dtd 20 Aug 2020)
Thunder Force IV - PAL to NTSC-U Region Fix (v1.0 dtd 30 Jul 2019)
Space Harrier II - Samples from the Arcade Game (v0.7 dtd 23 Apr 2018)   
Gley Lancer Translation (v061023 dtd 25 March 2020)
Panorama Cotton Translation (v1.0.1 dtd 03 Nov 2019)    
Undead Line Translation (v070903 dtd 27 March 2020)
Super Fantasy Zone (v1.0.1 dtd 26 May 2022)


Hack Information


Truxton/Tatsujin - Enhanced Graphics & Sound
The hack makes the game look and sound more like the arcade version.

Fusaru originally released a hack to make the game look more like the arcade version. The readme file of Fusaru’s hack requested a music sound fix. By request this hack slows down the music speed to be more like the arcade version when played in 60Hz NTSC mode. It continues what was started by Fusaru. Thus, all the graphic improvements done by Fusaru are incorporated with the sound fix to make the game even more close to the arcade version

Gain Ground Hi-Score SRAM
This patch is designed to add a simple saving mechanism for High Scores in Gain Ground.

How to use Saving: Scores save after Initials are entered. Score, Name, Round and Difficulty will be saved across the entire Top 10 players. NOTE: Be sure to enter your initials upon game over or completing the game.
Scores load upon boot. If checksum fails or it is your first time booting, default scores are loaded.

Fire Mustang (J) Dolsilwa’s color hack
Fire Mustang is a simple but fun shoot-em-up. Original Genesis colors are a bit bland. This color hack makes everything a bit more colorful.
v. 1.0 changes:
- tweaked colors for all stages,
- tweaked colors for some spites,
Just apply .ips patch on original rom.
Hope you’ll like it.

Thunder Force IV - PAL to NTSC-U Region Fix
The main purpose of this hack is to change the region of the European release of Thunder Force IV from PAL to NTSC-U so that it can be played on original NTSC-U hardware.

Why Sega decided to change the name from “Thunder Force IV” to “Lightening Force” is still a mystery!

Lightening Force to Thunder Force IV
This hack changes the title of this game back to being called “Thunder Force IV” once again, it also cleans up the ending text as well.

The 0xED hex editor was used to make this hack.

Hellfire MD2 Music Fix
This patch corrects the tempo of the music in this game when played on Model 2 Genesis / Mega Drive systems. You don’t need this patch if you have a Model 1 or play on an emulator or FPGA system.

Credit goes to Eke-Eke (the author of Genesis Plus GX) over on the sega-16 forums for figuring this stuff out. Unable to download his original patch without an account, this version was made based on his description, and tested to ensure proper functionality.

The intention is to make sure this was available in more places so that more people could enjoy the audio of the Genesis version.

Panorama Cotton
Panorama Cotton is an action shoot ‘em up game for the Sega Genesis.
Translation Description:

Panorama Cotton is a fun, colorful cute ‘em up rail shooter.

This patch translates the attract, story, and ending text as well as most of the graphics into English. It also makes some small tweaks to the credits and end game messages for aesthetic and flow reasons.

Undead Line
Undead Line is an action shooter game for the Sega Genesis.
Translation Description:

This is a translation patch for the Mega Drive game called “Undeadline”. It sports a variable-width font engine with kerning and, as usual, it is a “dual-language” patch, meaning that it supports both Japanese and English, depending on the country code of your machine. There are also two fonts to choose from.

Gley Lancer Translation
As usual, this is a “dual-language” patch, meaning that it supports both Japanese and English. It’s also got “remixed” music. See the included readme file for more details. Enjoy!

Super Fantasy Zone
Super Fantasy Zone is a 1992 colorful free-moving shooting game for the Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive. Help Opa-Opa to avenge the death of his father O-papa, defeat Menon’s evil minions and save the Fantasy Zone once again.
Translation Description:

With this English translation patch you can play the game “Super Fantasy Zone” for Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive in English (only text and menus are in English).

There are two patches: “superfzone-J-EN-v1.0.bps”, which is for use with the original Japanese ROM file of the game; and “superfzone-U-GenMini-EN-v1.0.bps”, which is for use with the “American” (USA) Genesis Mini / Mega Drive Mini ROM dump of the Japanese game. These ROMs must be in “.bin” format. It also works in ROMs that are in “.md” format.

The game has not been translated, the Japanese version of the game has the English language hidden, it is curious that they did not activate it in the Mega Drive version, but by modifying the “region” of the ROM file from ‘Japan’ to ‘USA’ internally in a hex editor it was possible to have the game in English following a “region change” tutorial from a random user in Reddit “r/MegaDrive”.

Now, this translation is in patch form to make it easier for you.

The European version was launched in English, but it runs slow on PAL 50Hz, so this patch is made to have the English version of the game at full speed on NTSC 60Hz.

Enjoy this patch!! :) - saulfabreg

Space Harrier II - Samples from the Arcade Game
A simple hack that change the “Get Ready” Outrun sample used in Space Harrier II to the original “Get Ready” sample from the Arcade version of Space Harrier.

Have Fun

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