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Shining Force and Shining in the Darkness Collection

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Shining Force Collection
Shining Force Join Order Randomizer (v1.3.1 dtd 28 Jun 2020)
Shining Force CL (v2.1.1 dtd 19 Mar 2019)
Shining Force - Cheaters Edition (v1.0 dtd 02 Mar 2016)
Shining Force - Gameplay Improvement Hack (v1.0 dtd 29 Mar 2022)
Shining Force Alternate 3.1


Hack Information


Shining Force Join Order Randomizer
This patch makes the game randomize the timings at which characters join, with the exception of Max himself and the non-promotable characters: Domingo, Musashi, and Hanzou only randomize between each other, and Jogurt remains fixed. Characters’ starting levels are also swapped to match whoever’s spot they replaced.

Some character inventories are also affected: Domingo swaps equipment with whoever replaces him (so as to not have a Katana or Doom Blade by chapter 4) and Lyle’s weapon is replaced by the same initial weapon as Hans if Lyle’s starting level is less than 8 (so as to not have an Elven Arrow at the start of the game).

Cutscene sprites and dialogue are not affected, but join messages are changed to match the new character, with the exception of the first group of 4.

Characters’ stats are entirely untouched by the main patch, which may lead to some balance issues: since Bleu and Adam originally start at very low levels and had stat progressions with that in mind, Bleu and Adam’s unpromoted classes get extraordinarily high stats and whoever replace them start with really low levels. This side-patch is available to somewhat alleviate these issues, with some bonus starting level changes (details in readme). There’s also an alternative side-patch that only upwardly adjusts starting levels and leaves Bleu Adam’s stat progressions intact.

Shining Force CL
This hack cuts down on downtime (moving from enemy to enemy across heavy terrain) and increases time actually interacting with enemy units. Character and enemy stats have been rebalanced entirely and the weapon progression has been turned more into sidegrades rather than direct upgrades one after the other. Most outdoor maps had their layouts modified to get rid of stretches of nothing but forests and hills, and some indoor maps were edited as well. Essentially, there should be enough changes for it to be like a new game, just with the same look and story.

Shining Force - Gameplay Improvement Hack
This hack improves a few things about the gameplay to make your Shining Force experience more enjoyable.

- Jogurt Levels and Attack Animation - Jogurt levels up normally and has a basic attack animation, courtesy of rbahamut (spriter) and Lobo (made the hack that first used it).
- Fixed Land Effect - Makes the defense bonus for land (terrain) effect to be applied properly. The original game had a bug causing the bonus to be based off of the wrong enemy.
- Automatic Item Passing - Makes the character pass on a picked up item to the next party member with a free inventory slot, if their inventory is full. A message is displayed showing who received the item. Doesn’t work in battle.
- EXP overflow - Now works like in the sequel, meaning 100 experience points are subtracted after a level up instead of the game resetting the points to 0.
- Smart Heal AI - Makes the enemy smarter about when and where to use healing.
Staff Note: Download link removed per author request.

Shining Force - Cheaters Edition:
This is a hack of the USA version of Shining Force. As the title says is a Cheaters Edition, to make your life easier.
- Press B + Start to max out the stats of the current selected character.
- Buy any item in the game in any shop.
- Max gold.
- Quick level up.
- Always have the following spells (Just exit and reenter the spells menu.
- Page 1: Boost 1, Dispel 1, Shield 1, Muddle 1
- Page 2: Egress 1, Sleep 1, Detox 2, Quick 2
- Page 3: Slow 2, Desoul 2, Heal 4, Aura 4
- Page 4: Bolt 4, Blaze 4, Freeze 4, Egress 1
- You always can promote characters.
- Cursed items doesn’t curse you anymore.
- You can drop or sell any item.

Shining in the Darkness Collection
Shining in the Darkness - Battle Edition v2 Complete (v2.0 dtd 06 Oct 2015)
Shining in the Darkness - Thornwood Terrors Hack (v1.0 dtd 08 Oct 2015)
Antigrinding (v1.0 dtd 22 Aug 2020)

Hack Information


Shining in the Darkness - Battle Edition v2 Complete
Shining in the Darkness v2.0 Battle Edition by ShiningForever of the Shining Force Central SitD Editor Alpha v09 in C# by DarkKobold of Shining Force Central Additional SitD Editor documentation/files created by Lord Oddeye Sama of Shining Force Central
Uploaded by obscurumlux01 with full permission of ShiningForever at their request. Permission image is included in the archive as well. I noticed this hack was on SFC but decided to get the necessary permissions to share it with the wider romhacking community here on RHDN. So far it is the first and only hack of its kind for the game ‘Shining in the Darkness’ for Sega Genesis/MegaDrive. Please see the ReadMe for more info & full patching instructions!

Shining in the Darkness - Thornwood Terrors (optional +AntiGrinding)
Shining in the Darkness - Thornwood Terrors Hack Collection by obscurumlux01 of RomHacking Dot Net SitD Editor Alpha v05 in Visual Basic and v09 in C# by DarkKobold of Shining Force Central (SFC) forums & website Additional SitD Editor documentation/files created by Lord Oddeye Sama of the Shining Force Central (SFC) Forums & Website
In the spirit of my other released hacks, this collection of patches allows you to pick and choose any ONE aspect that you enjoy the most. The patches within the collection are not 100% intercompatible with each other due to unforseen technical issues during the editing process. Either you pick ONE of your favorite patches or you use the ‘Thornwood Terrors All in One’ patch included in the archive. One bright side to this is that Gold & XP boosts from monsters work well together.

Too many changes have been done to list everything here, so check the ReadMe for full details!

The changes in this patch are aimed at reducing grinding in this game. So that each dungeon can be completed immediately the first time, without grinding experience and gold for the necessary weapons or returning to restore magic. Also, very useful weapons and armor, which in the original game are given too late, making them unnecessary, can now be bought in the store much earlier and will be very useful.
- Changed the cost of Depoison from 15 to 16.
- Changed the cost of Magic Ring from 12000 to 1200.
- Changed the cost of Miracle Herb from 8000 to 800.
- Hero items: Sword, Leather Armor, Angel Feather, Depoison, Herb, Herb, Herb.
- Milo items: Flail, Leather Armor, Magic Ring, Miracle Herb.
- Pyra items: Bull Whip, Hemp Robe, Magic Ring, Miracle Herb.
- Weapon shop: Bronze Knife, Sword, Wood Staff, Flail, Bull Whip, Long Sword, Great Flail, Steel Whip.
- Armorer shop: Woven Robe, Hemp Robe, Leather Armor, Chainmail, Leather Robe, Bronze Armor, Iron Armor, Magic Robe.
- Alkemist shop: Wisdom Seed, Herb, Depoison, Angel Feather, Healer Fruit, Miracle Herb.
- The Muddle 2 spell always causes the enemy to drop a special item.
P.S. TODO: Special items should never break after use.

As Always Have Fun

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