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The Pudding Strikes Back (Apple II)


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Your mission is to defend Santa Claus and his friends against the evil Christmas pudding and other foes that are attacking Santa's home planet.

So get into your X-Wing and engage your engines for Santa's rescue!


  • Steerable crosshair for aiming and firing on objects
  • Five different objects to shoot at with varying flight trajectories and velocities
  • Points to earn depending on the difficulty to shoot an object
  • Pause key option (NSFW!) during timed gaming
  • Hi-Score management
  • Background scrolling
  • MockingBoard PT3-soundtrack (if MockingBoard is installed)
  • Lots of pseudo randomness for varying game action


  • Objective: Shoot down the incoming enemy foes with your laser gun until the timer runs out!
  • Enemies: five different enemies at varying trajectories with different velocities yielding score points depending on the difficulty to shoot them down.
    • Candy cane: easiest to shoot down being the slowest enemy (3 or 5 points).
    • Christmas pudding: medium difficulty (4 or 6 points).
    • Gingerbread man: more difficult to shoot down (5 or 7 points).
    • Turkey: fastest enemy with a high difficulty (8 or 10 points).
    • Champagne bottle: hardest enemy to shoot down, accelerates horizontally in both directions with fast movement changes (20 points)
  • Pause function: if you need to pause the game for a while press key T but be careful this is not safe for work!
  • Restart function: press key R any time to reset the score and restart the timer. This also restarts the game when the GAME OVER message is displayed.
  • Quit game: press key Q to quit the game. The hi-score will be saved to disk then. In other words: if you quit the game other than pressing Q the hi-score WILL NOT BE SAVED!
  • CAUTION: each shot costs one point so be careful not wasting your ammo and to shoot only when your are definitely on target!
  • Strategy: There are different approaches trying to get the highest scores. Some people like to focus on champagne bottles and camp somewhere at the screen's left or right edges with the crosshair in order to get the fast moving bottles in time. However, you cannot predict which direction the next bottle will fly so this also depends large parts on personal luck. Some people like to camp in the screen center and wait for objects to come like passing by fast turkeys. However, another concept would be staying in the lower parts of the screen with the crosshair trying to catch the flying objects. Whatever you decide, we wish you good luck and good aiming!



You control the game mainly by using your joystick. There are a few additional keyboard commands:


  • PDL 0/1: Controls the aiming crosshair
  • Button #0: Fire button (each shot costs 1 point!)

Keyboard Commands:

  • T: Toggle pause function (Caution: NSFW!)
  • R: Restart game after timer has run out
  • Q: Quit the game



- Merry Christmas! -

System Requirements:

  • Apple //e enhanced, //c, //c+ or IIgs
  • min. 65C02 CPU
  • min. 128kB RAM
  • Joystick required, no keyboard control of the game possible!
  • Optional: MockingBoard (no soundtrack without MockingBoard - but the game is playable.)



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