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[JTAG/RGH] Mame72 Release10 2023 (new update)


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An update to MAME 72 Release2 for the xbox 360 originally coded by lantus.
new update by Arcadez
compiled by wolf3s

New games now supported

Chase Bombers
Bubble Bobble (prototype on Tokio hardware)
Bubble Bobble (Ultra Version)(USA)
Bubble Bobble : Lost Cave V1.2
Danger Express
DJ Boy (Japan)
Ghox (Joystick Version)
Mortal Race
Mrs Dynamite
Pack N Bang Bang (Final Release Version)
Renegade (Bootleg)
Rumba Lumber
Space Raider

Games Fixed and Now Playable

Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition (would not coin up)
Guardian Getstar
Guardians Of The Hood
Kick N Run
Legion - Spinner-87 / Chouji Meikyuu Legion
Road Riot 4WD
Slap Fight (Official Version)
Tokio / Scramble Formation (Official USA Version)

Games now with Graphical Improvements

Armed Formation
Buggy Challenge
Cannon Dancer / Osman
Crazy Climber II
Kodore Ookami
Legion - Spinner-87 / Chouji Meikyuu Legion
Magical Crystals
Mega Blast
Mr Do
Return Of The Invaders
Terra Force
The Fairyland Story

Games now with sound or improved sound

Acrobat Mission
B Rap Boys
Bio-ship Paladin
Black Heart
Hacha Mecha Fighter
Hit The Ice
Koutetsu Yousai Strahl
Pack N Bang Bang
Riding Fight
Ring Rage
Steel Force
Super Spacefortress Macross
Super Spacefortress Macross II
Tecmo Bowl
Teki Paki
Thunder Dragon
US AAF Mustang

CPS1 Changes

Street Fighter II' - The World Warrior now clocks at 10mhz all
the other versions of Street Fighter II and the following games
now run at 12mhz to get rid of slowdowns where there shouldn't be...

Dai Makai-Mura
Capcom World 2
Final Fight 30th Anniversary Edition
Megaman / Rockman - the Power Battle
Pang 3
Quiz and Dragons
Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Zenkoku-ban
Strider Hiryu (Japan set 1)

Taito M68705 Protection MCU's

Added missing mcu's for the following games either to make
them playable or to improve the general emulation of them

Chack N Pop
Guardian Get Star
Kick N Run
Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal
Renegade / Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun
Return Of The Invaders
Slap Fight
The Fairyland Story
Tiger Heli
Tokio / Scramble Formation

Source Changes

Tweaked Tecmo Bowl so it will boot using only a single screen [arcadez]
Fixed incorrect palette colours and clock frequencies in Mr Do [cataylox]
Ported Mamesick's fix for the sound in Super Spacefortress Macross II level 2 onwards [arcadez]
Better balanced the sound for the games using the NMK004 [arcadez]
Updated the rohga.c driver to support the rare prototype Hang-Zo [arcadez]
Hooked up missing MSM5205 sample sounds which are for crowd cheers, game sfx and speech in Tecmo Bowl [arcadez]
Fixed missing OKIM6295 sound speech samples in Hit The Ice [arcadez]
added M68705 MCU dumps for Alcon / Slap Fight and Guardian Get Star official versions of these games are now playable [arcadez]
Added proper M68705 dump for Tiger Heli and removed guesswork simuation code [arcadez]
Fixed game timers removed simulation code and hooked up the proper protection mcu for Chack'n Pop [arcadez]
Backported some fixes for a couple of games in the armedf.c driver garbage sprites covering the entire playfield in Legion and a timer crash bug in Kodore Ookami [arcadez]
Added sprite clut cycling colour effects for all games in the armedf.c driver fixes red ninja display in Kodore Ookami and makes Armed Formation etc etc look far prettier [arcadez]
Fixed some graphical problems where the colours were wrong on level 3 and half the screen was missing eg rendered black in Buggy Challenge [arcadez]
Fixed missing adpcm sound effects in Pack 'n Bang Bang [arcadez]
Added support for a special sprite effect to kaneko16 video used by Magical Crystals on the first boss [arcadez]
Added sound banking to the OKIM6295 in silkroad.c fixing missing Sfx and Speech in The Legend Of Silkroad [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Sorted broken dip switches in Mr Do's Castle, Do! Run Run and Mr Do's Wild Ride plus fixed the sound for Indoor Soccer [MAMEDev, arcadez, SapphireDrew]
Updated the romset for Pack N' Bang Bang to use the final released version rather than the unfinished prototype [arcadez]
Fixed some graphical niggles in Cannon Dancer / Osman such as some objects didn't move previously eg trucks on final level [FBN Dev, MAMEDev, arcadez]
Enabled default English World Region for Lode Runner The Dig Fight [arcadez]
Fixed player progress building silhouette graphics in crazy climber 2 [mahoneyt944]
Hooked up HD647180 MCU sound support for Ghox plus added a dedicated joystick version of the game [grant2258, arcadez]
Added support for Mrs. Dynamite and Space Raider to ladybug.c also updated the SN76496 sound core to allow for 5 chips to be used for both of these games [arcadez]
Removed imperfect MCU simulation code and hooked the proper M68705 MCU's for Renegade and Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun [dink, arcadez]
Added Danger Express a super rare Atari prototype to the atarig42 driver [arcadez, mahoneyt944]
Added HD647180 MCU sound support for Teki Paki and Whoopee / Pibi & Bibi [dink, arcadez]
Filled out the dip switches and hooked up the protection mcu for Kick N Run which makes the game 100% in the emulation dept and now fully playable [arcadez]
Removed the Knight Boy bootleg mcu from Kiki Kai Kai and replaced it with a simulation of the proper mcu fixing some game logic problems [arcadez]
Updated the retofinv.c driver to MAME94 fixing some gfx niggles "lives left" display etc etc and hooked up the proper mcu for Return Of The Invaders [arcadez]
Improved the sound for Steel Force then updated the driver and video to support Mortal Race [mistydreams, arcadez]
Reclocked some Capcom CPS1 games as per board type to remove slowdowns in game when there shouldn't have been [arcadez]
Fixed American Horseshoes dip switches and slowdowns in Taito's Fighting Hawk [arcadez]
Backported Kale's Taito F3 sound fixes for Riding Fight and Ring Rage from MAME 144 [arcadez]
Added support for Chase Bombers to undrfire.c [arcadez]
Added fake gunsights for Under Fire making this game now playable [mahoneyt944]
Fixed some graphical problems "dragon attacks" in the final level of The Fairyland Story [arcadez]
Removed a bootleg mcu and some fake mcu simulation code and hooked up the proper Taito mcu's for both The Fairyland Story and Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal [arcadez]
Added support for Taito's Rumba Lumba and hooked up the M68705 protection mcu [arcadez]
Hooked up the Taito M68705 protection mcu for Get Star / Guardian both versions are now playable [arcadez]
Fixed the official and parent romset for Free Kick [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added a previously missing graphical effect for Mega Blast in taito_f2.c now when you get the green pickup the shield orb on your ship can be seen [HAZE, arcadez]
Added the Japan version of DJ Boy which has a totally different musical soundtrack [arcadez]
Got rid of sound popping in B Rap Boys [mistydreams]
Hooked up the M68705 protection MCU for the official Taito USA version of Tokio / Scramble Formation game now playable [arcadez, dink]

link for emulator (includes sourcecode)

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link for new roms added

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mirrorlink for roms

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