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[Request] Jane Austen's 8 bit Adventure (Homebrew) NES


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no-intro already has 3 aftermarket revisions
Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure (World) (v1.0.538) - 92cbbf405df9ef1a9cdd2afcc1ae904b8b5078bf
Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure (World) (v1.0.542) - abcfaf17f9c5873167272f620cfe7fce02e9fde7
Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure (World) (v1.0.546) - 7be4c3bc2e6fe3492b188360d03e33168ea57412
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@Denton314 I may be wrong(wouldn’t be the first time 😂)but isn’t this the website for it?(

This is the hidden content, please
)I’m really not trying to sound rude so please don’t take it like that. I know it’s been released for PC but I didn’t think it was finished yet for the NES. If you have some info that I don’t I’d appreciate it. You could message me on here. I actually am familiar with the game and was following its development along with several others but I haven’t been nearly as active in the scene as I usually am as I’ve been very busy lately. But anyway any information you have I would definitely appreciate! 👍🏼

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Some more research
- Main 8bitjane website mentions the NES digital rom is a free bonus with any Steam or Itch purchase, for playing in your favorite emulator
- Physical NES cartridge is not yet released

Several people played the NES ROM already
- no-intro dumper nnssxx dumped from itch on 2023-10-28
- emburr bought it from Steam on 2023-10-08, NES ROM was included for RetroPie

Not meaning to be prickly, argumentative or negative
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