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Arcade Volleyball (Amstrad CPC)


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Story by creator:

"I always wanted to tinker with assembly and create something for the first computer I ever experienced, the

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, but never got around to doing it. Until the 2020 covid lockdowns when, with plenty of time to kill, the local retro-communities became chatty and modern flame wars about home computers (just for laughs of course) sparked. In this context the idea was conceived: create... trolling material for friends who are hardcore fans of the C64!

Yes, this was mostly created as a joke "hey C64 friends I bet I can create in just 1 week a game that already exists on the C64 BUT BETTER". Imagine the booing reactions and looks of disbelief that all charismatic pioneers are met with, "go play some Spectrum port on your sprite-less CPC" etc. But little did they know that I was about to recreate Arcade Volleyball, which on the C64 looks like

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(and plays even worse, it was a type-in program from a magazine) 😄😁

We all had fun, the troll won its 6-pack and lockdowns ended".

Disclaimer by creator:

"If it's not clear yet, this is a 5-day thing in 2020 + a couple more recently to polish the really rough parts and throw it to the internet. Do not expect a complete game, realistic ball physics, challenging AI etc. It's a quick little joke, treat it as such. If it makes 1 person chuckle only by seeing the CGA palette on the CPC, I'm happy".



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