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ParaZXland (ZX Spectrum)


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In an unlikely mission, a volunteer parachutist has been chosen to save the world by dropping from an unstable helicopter onto a tiny island where the ultra-secret codes to save the world from destruction have been hidden. The island is protected by flying anti-grav bombs, which would kill our hero on contact. Strong oceanic winds also make the descent difficult. Our hero will have to take off from the helicopter, avoid explosions, contrast the wind, and finally land on the tiny island. In the unlikely event of success, the mission will be repeated, but with increased difficulty, more scaring types of bombs and – of course – more points! Thankfully, extra points are also distributed in the sky under the form of red hearts and additional lives are available on increasing the score.

The Game

The opening screen allows to start a new game (option 0), redefine the keys (option 1; by default: "O" for left, "P" for right, "Q" for pause), enter a previous high score (option 2), view the instructions (option 3), turn the sound on and off (option 4), and enable a Kempston joystick (option 5; the combination of up and the fire button serves as a pause key). The hi-score is associated with an encrypted 8-digit code (in the format ###-####) that can be entered by the user to retrieve a previous game. During the game, the current score, hi-score, wind speed and direction are displayed on the bottom line of the screen.



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