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"It's the year 2038 (if we can get there, given the stupidity of the human race, taking the planet into the abyss). The value of life has changed in favor of money, in a dark world (we don't think it can get any worse than the current situation). Rick, a desperate father, enters the terrifying world of the television show "5Keys". The motivation is compelling: the cash prize is his only hope of paying for the medical treatment of his five-year-old son, whose life is at stake. Can Rick pass the deadly tests in five nights of live broadcasting?"


"The game consists of five levels of increasing speed and in each one you have to collect the five keys to open the door. It requires a lot of mental gymnastics, because one wrong move and you're hopelessly stuck, with the only option left being to start again (with one life less). With each level passed, we are given a new skill / ability. These are:

  • Pushing blocks
  • Breaking stones
  • Hit targets to activate events
  • Exploding bombs
  • Use flares to light up the room and activate levers"



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