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Alex Kidd in Miracle World Collection 02 (SMS)


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Alex Kidd in Miracle World Collection 02
AlexKidd - Fall Of Radaxian  (v1.01 dtd 23 Dec 2016)
AlexKidd Miracle World- burger and more (v1.0 dtd 06 Sep 2017)
AlexKidd Miracle World- reverse controls (v1.0 dtd 06 Sep 2017)
AlexKidd Miracle World Enhanced Edn (v0.02 dtd 27 Feb 2021)
Voyage  Sorceress Vacation - Catalan Ver (v1.03 dtd 19 Nov 2021)
Icy in Miracle World (v1.0 dtd 05 Apr 2018)
AlexKidd Miracle World 2 (v2 dtd 27 Mar 2016)
Dino Blaster Hunter Cat (Demo1 dtd 27 Mar 2023)
Octo: Unleashed (v1.0 Demo dtd 27 Mar 2023)
Snappy Snorg and the Seven Silver Stones (v1.4 dtd 27 Mar 2023)
AlexKidd in Miracle World Mr.Robot (v0.15e dtd 27 Mar 2019)
AlexKidd in Miracle World Mushroom World (v1.0 dtd 27 Mar 2022)
AlexKidd in Miracle World Papi Commando (v1.01 dtd 27 Mar 2020)
AlexKidd in Miracle World Stormtrooper Revenge (v1.0 dtd 27 Mar 2016)
AlexKidd in Miracle World Pc kidded (v1.0 dtd 27 Mar 2021)
AlexKidd in Miracle World Turrican 2 (v1.0 dtd 27 Mar 2023)
Turrican 2 Easy (v1.0 Demo dtd 27 Mar 2023)
AlexKidd in Damned World (v1.0 dtd 01 Jan 2020)
AlexKidd in Miracle World Janbarik JAUNT (v1.0 dtd 27 Mar 2019)
AlexKidd in Miracle World Wardner (v1.1 Demo dtd 27 Mar 2020)
Azled in Fantasy World (v1.0 Demo dtd 27 Mar 2019)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World - KATE (v0.18e dtd 27 Mar 2018)
Sonic in Miracle World (Demo dtd 27 Mar 2019)


Hack Information (Descriptions incomplete)


Alex Kidd - Fall Of Radaxian
This is pretty much a completely new game. The levels are not super hard. There is a new story.
- v1.00 finished game
- v1.01 buttons swapped

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - burger and more (+optional reverse button)
Puts in the hamburger graphics from the 1990 release. Fixes the money bag icon and the Janken petrification graphic also.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - reverse controls
Reverses the controls (I = punch, II = jump) to play more like 1990 release.

Icy in Miracle World
A simple graphical hack that replaces all of Alex Kidd’s sprites with the YouTuber IcyAngels456, along with some enemy and item sprites.

Voyage - A Sorceress' Vacation (Catalan Version)
This is the Catalan version of “Voyage - A Sorceress’ Vacation”, a total conversion hack of “Alex Kidd in Miracle World” for the Sega Master System.
Based on version 1.05 of the original English hack.

Snappy Snorg and the Seven Silver Stones
Squarius is in great danger. Evil forces from the Nightmare World have corrupted the mighty guardians of the seven Silver Stones, threatening to upset the balance between good and evil in the whole universe. Sent by King Kreggy, Snappy Snörg will have to collect the seven stones before their power falls into the hands of evil. Snappy Snörg and the Seven Silver Stones is an Alex Kidd in Miracle World mod done with Kidded.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World Mushroom World
Alex Kidd in Mushroom World is a level, graphics, and physics hack of Alex Kidd in Miracle World based in the world of Mario.

Papi Commando in CPP Land
Papi Commando in CPP Land takes place after the 2 previous titles out on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.

In his previous adventures, Papi has recovered his precious computer "The Commostrad" by killing the very bad Colonel Kasstagoule.

For taking revenge from Papi, the C++ army have put their hands on the lovely town of Papi named "Basic City", this army have been destroyed by Papi and his Bomber.

But... 5 years later, an October night, Papi on his way back to his house, found it in fire, with a letter on a tree "I've got your wife and your Commostrad – C.K.".

C.K. ? Is the Colonel Kasstagoule still alive?!

No second to waste , Papi take is gun to chase this C.K. and get back his wife!

AlexKidd Miracle World 2
The game is a direct sequel to the original Alex Kidd in Miracle World (and ignores the events of Enchanted Castle on MD).

It's been 6 months since Alex defeated Janken the Great and reclaimed 'The Crown'. Alex's brother Egle has taken the throne and oversees the city of Radaxian. There is still unrest on the planet Aries however, as monsters still roam the land. Alex is still greatly concerned by the whereabouts of his missing father. Radaxian's forces have been unable to locate King Thunder, so Alex sets off himself to find him. He retraces his steps and returns to the place where the trail was lost. Perhaps there was something he missed.

The engine is the same as the original game but here are the changes I have made:
- New music (rearranged from the original) by tibone
- Whole new set of levels with lots of secrets and puzzles
- Alex sprite has longer hair (to reflect the time that has passed)
- New title screen
- New map screen (which covers the area east of the original game)
- New characters
The things I need to finish include:
- Finalise design for last 2 levels
- Add last boss
- Possibly redesign enemy sprites
- Possibly redesign Alex sprite (again)
- Possibly redesign tiles for level layout
- Finalise text
- Bug fixes

The Octo: Unleashed
The Nexus-1 planetary system has been taken over by the evil Hivemind and his merciless army. A desperate plea for help sets Octo, a cybernetically enhanced, elite level intergalactic bounty hunter and sole survivor of his home world, on one last mission to face his past and bring peace to the galaxy – or die trying! The road to redemption awaits in ‘Octo: Unleased!’

The Octo: Unleashed demo is a hack of ‘Alex Kidd in Miracle World’ and was created using Kidded

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Bubble Dragon in Paradise Island
Here is my three level demo for my Alex Kidd hack, Bubble Dragon in Paradise Island. It's been a fun side project for me to work on, enjoying the process of making new tilesets and artistic landscapes. Gameplay wise, my vision has been to create a game that focuses less on platforming and more outwitting enemies and fun item synergy.

While at first I was not planning to release it, I thought that it would be a crime not to considering how friendly the community has been. I hope that you all enjoy!

Special thanks go to Calindro for making KiddEd, and providing patches to help me when I had no-one else to turn to.

Pc Kidded
"Pc Kidded" is a remake/fan game of "Bonk's Adventure" (1st level) on Pc Engine, made with Kidded by DomKid from the "Z-TEAM". "Pc Kidded" is a hack of "Alex Kidd in Miracle World"(v1). Thanks to Calindro, the creator of kidded for my few requests.

AlexKidd in Miracle World Stormtrooper Revenge
This is my hack entry for this year comp.
It was made with KiddEd. And its a 5 level game. It's called Stormtrooper Revenge. You play as an unnamed Stormtrooper, seeking Luke Skywalker across the galaxy to avenge the death of your comrades on the first Death Star. The story happens between Eps 4-5 i suppose.

Ever wanted to punch a X-Wing in the Face? Now you can! :)

Featuring crap renditions of great John Williams songs. (Including my favorite, The Duel of Fates).

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Tumblepop
This is the arcade game Tumblepop, from the company Data East. Of course, and due to the limitation of the game engine, it is a limited adaptation. still, it has all the worlds of the original, and many enemies like yetis, cavemen, skeletons, clowns...

Alex Kidd in Miracle World -Turrican
This is an attempt to create a Turrican game using the KiddEd editor. The level design and all assets are based on Turrican 2 by Factor 5. Created by slogra for the SMS Power hack competition 2023.
Many thanks to Calindro for the miraculous KiddEd editor and his support!

Game hints
- Collect 20 gems to earn a continue (= 200 currency)
- Some 1-ups can be reached in multiple ways
- In a few areas you can get stuck after dying, so my recommendation is
not to die there :p

Sonic in Miracle World
Dr. Robotnik has found a different way to try to defeat Sonic teleporting him to the Past.

But the Past is another world, the "Miracle World" where its creatures will try to stop Sonic for ever.

Sonic will meet new "old friends", will fight against Robotnik and henchmans, will collect the gems and he will test his new skills.

Just want to complete all the Alex Kidd in Miracle World collection. Important to understand many are demos, though some are pretty good, many will not see a complete development.  Anyway, Have Fun

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