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Phantasy Star Collection (SMS)


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Phantasy Star Collection (SMS)    
Hordes of Nei (v1.44Lutz dtd 07 Jan 2016)
Phantasy Star CSI  (v1.2 dtd 15 Oct 2021)
Phantasy Star Retranslated: Classic-style Names (v2.3.1 dtd 16 Feb 2023)
Phantasy Star Retranslated (v2.3.1 dtd 16 Feb 2023)
Phantasy Star - Brunette Alis (v2.0 dtd 01 Jun 2022) Superseded by Phantasy Star Retranslated
Phantasy Star Makeover (v1.0 dtd 19 Oct 2021)
Phantasy Star - Easy Patches (v1.0 dtd 24 May 2019)


Hack Information


Hordes of Nei (optional +Easy +CSI)
This is a thorough alteration of Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System to make it better tie-in with the rest of the classic Phantasy Star series. Nearly every piece of equipment has a different attack or defense value, many cost more, some items have been overhauled, some are only found from battles with boss monsters. The monsters now come at you in large numbers, so be prepared to fight the Hordes to get where you are going. As for Nei… that is for the player to discover!
- Every equipment has a use! If costs lots of money, it is worth it.
- The restorative spells, (Heal and Cure) and items, (Cola and Burger) are now more potent and require more MP/Meseta to compensate.
- All the guns do more damage.
- Many of the shops have different items for sale.
- The following items are no longer in the game: Wand, Needle Gun, Silver Fang, Ceramic Sword, Iron Shield, Laser Shield, and Light Suit. The items that replace these are FAR better.
- All four of the player characters have been greatly changed to better represent their roles in the party.
- Alis and Myau have new Spells.
- Finally, the monsters have all been edited to keep a challenging level of play throughout, including having different combat skills, and nearly all drop more money to buy the new ultimate equipment.
- New graphics for characters and vehicles!
- Some dialogue fixes and renamed Noah: Lutz!

Phantasy Star CSI
Phantasy Star CSI is a small hack that changes the sprites of the main characters (especially Alys and Odin), for new ones in the Phantasy Star 2 style. The modifications were based on the characters concept arts in multimedia. This hack is compatible with other hacks on this site.

Now includes a patch for the Japanese version of the game that is 100% hack compatible with the excellent SMS Power! Retranslation patch found in this site.
NOTE: To work properly with the Retranslation patch, players should choose to leave Alisa’s hair as “black” in Retranslation’s option menu.
New Version 1.2 improvements:
- Changes weapons position of Alys and Odin
- New improvements to lutz sprites
- Compatible with most Phantasy Star hacks

Phantasy Star Makeover
This hack redesings a lot of sprites of Phantasy Star, mostly buildings in the hi-tech towns; it switch the church in to a “clinic” an changes the name of some buildings, and also, include the Phantasy Star CSI v1.2 hack. All the art in this hack is inspired by the PlayStation 2 Phantasy Star Generation 1.

New Version 1.0 improvements:
- New sprites for buildings and NPCs
- Change the church for a clinic
- Change some buildings name (only UE version)
- Includes the Phantasy Star CSI v1.2
- Contains a patch for UE and Japon respectively
- There is a small surprise, but first, you need buy supplies
- Compatible with other Phantasy Star hacks!!!

Phantasy Star - Easy Patches
A collection of patches for the original Phantasy Star. Boosts the XP reward and cash reward by either 2 or 4 for every monster. The XP and money-boosting patches are separate, so players can adjust both XP and cash reward as they see fit.

This should work on every version of the game, including translations and the SMS Power! retranslation.

SMS Power ReTranslation (optional +MakeOver +Easy)

This patch retranslates the original Japanese game to give a whole host of improvements:

- More faithful to the original Japanese script
- Choose between expanded script and optional “Literal English” version, with no added hints or details
- Expanded menus and item names
- Sound test and sound chip selection
- Built-in cheats to make the game a little less tough/slow
- Two custom fonts, with upper and lowercase letters
- Expanded save slot names and three additional save slots
- Fully compatible with old saves, the original cartridge (with ROM replacement) and of course for play on real hardware

This update includes wider dialogue boxes, added literal English translation variant, fixed some “soft lock” situations in the original game, added an option to speed up scene transitions (palette fades), added an option to speed up text drawing in the main script window, bug fixes and groundwork for further translations.

Phantasy Star Retranslated: Classic-style Names
Unofficial addendum of SMS Power!’s Literal English translation.

As of the v2.3.1 update, SMS Power! offer an alternate patch with none of their “extra-seasoned flavor” present in the script. It’s almost perfect, but some fans would prefer the names they grew up with.

This changes the names of healing items, magic, select enemies, settlements, and each character to reflect the international releases. The font is also defaulted to that of menus in PSIV, with the alternative now being the thin font in PS Gaiden.

Phantasy Star - Brunette Alis
This recolored Alis’ hair brown on her overworld sprite. However, it is no longer available on RHDN, and has been obsoleted by Phantasy Star Retranslated v2.2 by SMS Power!.

As Always Have Fun

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