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Mr. Og the Sampler (Amstrad CPC)


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This is a video game created by 3 people, programmed in Z80 assembly language (with the help of cpctelera) and designed for the Amstrad machine. This project has been developed over 7 weeks, including the learning phase, where an ECS (Entity Component System) engine has been implemented for the development of this video game.

Mr. Og the Sampler is an arcade game inspired by the classic Guzzler, released in 1986. This project aims to give a twist to Guzzler's gameplay and dynamics by creating increasingly shorter levels that speed up the gaming sessions and make the experience more enjoyable.

ClO90I.gif Objetive: 

The goal of the game is to navigate through the levels in search of the lost candies until you've eaten them all. To achieve this goal, you will need to open doors with hidden keys and, above all, avoid and dodge the enemies that roam the levels and can harm you. You'll have to recover the lost candies as quickly as possible.

HigMSI.gif Mr Og:


HigMSI.gif Enemies:


Donkey                                                         Prince

HigMSI.gif Candies:


Ice Cream                                                Cookie                                                        

HigMSI.gif How to play:

  • QAOP, Joystick and Arrow Keys --> Movement
  • Enter --> Start game




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