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Time Sniper (ZX Spectrum)


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In the year 2089, the time travels are controlled by the Franco-Chinese military corporation called Shíjiāntaille. 

Their mission is to modify the outcome of past military confrontations to change the timeline in their favor. In this way, they seek to increase their worldwide profits and control. 

Evidently, all these activities are secret from the rest of the corporations that rule the world.

You are a member of the Shíjiāntaille temporal shock group and your mission will be to eliminate the targets that have been designated to you over the course of four battles in the past.

It is important that no traces of those temporary interventions are left behind, so your skills as a long-range sniper are vital to the successful completion of the mission.

You will initially have limited ammunition at your disposal, but new shipments will be sent to you from the future when needed. 

You will also be sent, when possible, a time clock that will allow you to stop time without being affected. This will help you to perform a faster target elimination.

However, you will have to be careful, as we have news that a rival corporation that is researching time travel technology is going to try everything they can to stop us from accomplishing our objectives. 

According to our spies, they are not yet capable of transporting human beings through time space, but they are capable of transporting inert objects. In fact, they have time bombs that, once exploded, return any time traveler to his original era. 

Pay attention in case such objects appear and eliminate them before they explode.

Otherwise, just wish you luck in your mission for the greater glory of the Shíjiāntaille corporation.



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