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This is game  where a cat named Max needs to reach a piece of cake by collecting falling items that must not touch the ground.


In a parallel universe different from our own, brave cat Max, who loves cakes, faces the challenge of reaching a slice of cake on the highest shelf in the restaurant kitchen. Max possesses a special power that allows him to freeze falling objects as long as he has energy.

After clumsily knocking down items from the top shelves and losing six lives as a result, Max decides that he must prevent the objects from falling to the ground in order to avoid drawing the chef's attention and losing his remaining three lives.

As Max climbs through the bakery levels, he notices that some shelf supports are missing. However, he then spots a flickering pixel that has escaped from an old video game console located in the restaurant kitchen. This mischievous pixel uses its magic to steal the shelf supports. After Max destroys the pixel, the shelf supports suddenly reappear, allowing Max to continue climbing.

Aware that they cannot directly confront Max, the pixels call upon a fly from an old video game console to eliminate him.



(roms, cartridge labels, manual)

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